Sunday, November 23, 2008

week of 17 November

Mo - Rest
Tu - 10.30 1:26:56 8:27 144 (72%)
We - 10.72 1:26:11 8:02 148 (74%)
Th - 5.00 0:45:53 9:11 133 (67%)
Fr - 5.90 0:52:46 8:56 137 (68%)
Sa - 13.43 1:54:11 8:30 152 (76%) -- HRM messed up 1st two miles
Su - Rest
Wk - 45.35 6:25:57 8:31 145 (72%)

I moved the long run up to Sat to put it a week before the marathon and then didn't know what to do with Friday's workout. Thinking that less was more, I didn't an easy six and avoided the back-to-back hard days. Yesterday, I said I'd run 5 today, but I decided that was just some strange need to get over 50 miles and I'd stick with the off day following a "long" run. This leaves me with 45 for the week. Yikes!

Besides over analysis, what are the other symptoms of taper madness?
  • New aches and pains. Check! When you cut back the miles, it's like you've removed the all-over, general dull ache from your body and suddenly every little joint and muscle wants to complain about what you've been doing to them for the last 6 months.
  • Germ phobia. Check! I ran on a hotel treadmill and Thursday and after rubbing my eyes realized I'd probably rubbed the sweat of a thousand guests in there. I have a tickle in my throat today, but I'm pretty sure that's from raking leaves yesterday.
  • Checking the long-range forecast. Check! According to NOAA, it should be 36 at 9am and 42 at noon (start is 9:30). I'll take it! 10 mph wind from the NW. It's basically a north-south out and back (with 7 miles NW), so that could suck, but it's in the woods and somewhat sheltered. Plus, I'd much rather have the wind at my back in the second half. Notice how I pretend like a 7-day forecast means anything? A sure sign of taper madness!
Here is the official plan. It's a semi-steep downhill first two miles, 1% uphill grade for 11 miles, 1% down for 11, then semi-steep uphill last two. I'll hit the turnaround at 3:14 pace and then bank a minute (5 secs/mile) on the downhill to give myself a couple of minutes before getting to the uphill.

One race-day plan I can't quite figure is eating. While I usually don't eat anything on marathon morning, I'm not sure it's a good idea with the race starting at 9:30.

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Mindi said...

Excellent week. I am glad you opted for 45 over 50. 50 seems to be pushing it at this point. I know you have had big mileage, but the big rest is equally important. There is a divide lately on taper and I am still on the longer end....

As far as flu phobia goes, I am a big fan of Airborne the week (or 2) pre-race. Just once a day, but it is a little vitamin boost. I have no science behind it, but it has worked for me the last 3xs even though everyone else in my house was sick.

No food pre-race? Wow! I always have a little something 3 hours out (although I am a minimalist) and a gel 10-15 minutes prerace. But I hear you, I never eat pre-long run usually.... My favorites are a banana and a bagel because they are very benign to me. It will be tough for you if you do not have a regular "pre-race" food to figure out, but go with something bland and easy.

Good luck. You have had an awesome season. It is yours for the taking (provided of course that everything comes together.... but I think it will...).