Friday, May 30, 2008

Where can I find some sleep?

First, I took a big fat zero yesterday. I was only supposed to do 30 minutes and I could easily rationalize the additional sleep. I "made up" by doubling today as I'd been hoping to on Fridays, but this is the first time my schedule worked.

I did the "10-12" by "1k" at MP. Basically, I ran my 10.4 mile home route (to and around the lake, back home, and a half a neighborhood loop). The plan was to warm up and then run 4 minutes on and 1 minute off until I ran out of real estate (while leaving enough time for a cooldown). I warmed up and didn't start the first MP segment until 2.8 miles in. There's a very steep path down to the lake at about mile 2 and then there's another very short, very steep drop to the bottom of the damn. As a result, I was at the absolute bottom of my route so the rest of the run was net uphill. See if you can spot the hills in my splits. The MP segments were: 7:39/151, 7:26/156, 7:47/158, 8:08/161, 7:04/158, 8:54/163, 6:56/164, 7:47/165, 7:17/164, and 7:08/164. At these paces, 4 minutes was between .45 and .58 miles. 1k is .62 miles. What can I say? I'm slow. I got in 10, but it only left a little over 10 minutes for a cooldown. Rests were all 1:00-1:06 except once when I daydreamed and it was 1:15.

I did a 30 minute jog this afternoon and it was really awkward. The 9:20 pace felt like I was stumbling around after this morning. Plus it was hot, so the run was basically hot, sweaty, stumbling discomfort.

After the run, I thought about my state of semi-sleep deprivation after getting up at 5 am three times this week. I revisited my schedule and wondered if there was any way to work in running to and from work. One idea I had was shifting my long run to mid-week. Since it's only 2 hours now, this is easily doable. Sets of hill repeats are a little hard to work into the run to work, but if I move them to Sat or Sun, then that problem is solved. The 10-12 by 1k @ MP and 6-8 miles and 80% are a no brainer to do on the way. Still, I can't quite make it work.

Sa - 9 w/ hill repeats or 200s am, 3 pm
Su - 9 moderate
Mo - Rest or 30 min jog, drive in, drive home
Tu - drive in, 10.4 w/ 6-8 @ 80% home pm, leave car
We - 10.4 easy(?) to work, drive home
Th - drive in, 10.4 home very easy
Fr - 13+ to work

There' s not enough days to stick something between the long run and the hill repeats. I could just do an 8-day schedule and put something between Fr and Sa. This thread has some interesting ideas. I could do the hard runs on Wed and Sat. Putting the hills and long run back-to-back wouldn't be too bad I think. I could possibly do the tempo/MP run on the way home Wed and then run in the next morning. I'd rather have 24 hrs between though. I need to think this through a little more. Right now, it's not broken and I seem to be improving, but I'd sure like some more sleep. The easy option -- go to bed earlier -- just seem too easy :-)

By the way, there's a nice article in the post today on the guy who spanked me at Cherry Blossom.

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