Sunday, May 11, 2008

week of 5 May

Recovering from the marathon

Mo - 0
Tu - 0
We - 5
Th - 6
Fr - 0 (raining and I wimped out)
Sa - 5
Su - 9
Week - A whopping 25 miles! 9:01 min/mi, 139 bpm avg

I feel like I've lost some fitness. Oh, well. I guess that happens with a taper and a recovery week. I'm going to do a 5k on Saturday. I did this race last year. The dearth of M30-39s got me 2nd in my age group and a $25 gift certificate I used to take my honey out to dinner. It's not certified but I'm nearly certain the course is accurate, so I was thinking I'd take a stab at sub-20. After today's run, I'm not so sure I have a shot. I'm certain I could have at least scared 19:59 a few weeks ago (7x800 in 3:09 was pretty easy). We'll see.

I've been looking at various training plans and I *think* I'm going with Rubio or something like it. This makes me kind of nervous though. I'm almost certain 3:15 is a problem I can solve with more mileage and I'm not sure I'll be able to increase my mileage while doing more intensity, so that stuff has to pay off or I'm screwed.

One of the ingredients I think I've been missing are the short intervals/hills. Joseph annotated these with "just get in touch w/wheels." Well, I don't have any wheels to get in touch with (at least not as an adult). I was sedentary from after U14 soccer until I was a 33 year-old desk jockey. Maybe a little running like a 14 year-old at the start of a 5k would do me some good.

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