Monday, May 26, 2008

week of 19 May

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. We just got back from Williamsburg, so I'm recapping the week a day late.

Mo - 6.2
Tu - 9.7 w/ 3x3xhills am; 3.2 pm
We - 8.6 a little easier than moderate 8:41/141
Th - 3.2
Fr - 10.4 w/ middle 6 154-159bpm
Sa - 6.2
Su -13.9 - 60 min out, 57 back
Week: 61 miles, 8:38 avg, 143 avg bpm

Overall a good week. Today, the 27th, I basically did a long recovery run instead of the maintenance run. The run went a little longer than I expected because I got lost :-) Anyway, I did 60 minutes and the 8:55 pace was only 131 bpm average! I don't think I've ever come anywhere close to that pace for that low a heart rate. I guess it was flatter than at home, but there were some hills.

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