Saturday, May 10, 2008

lazy Saturday

I ran for the first time on Wednesday. A little sore, walked a little bit when I felt something. The hip thing was definitely there as I expected, but overall OK. Thursday I did my 10k out and back route just because I didn't want to do the 5-mile route yet again.

Friday, I woke up at my usual 5:30am, put on my stuff, opened the door and saw the pouring rain. I shut the door and decided to bag it. I'll take a recovery day. I don't think I've ever aborted that late before. I don't think there was much difference between 5 miles and zero though. I'm recovering. Bagging the run gave me some time to goof around on the computer. I've become an amateur genealogist this week. My son's reading a poem at school by a poet whose name we share. I've always been told we were related, but was never sure. Well, it turns out we are and my father's father's father's father's father's father's father's father's father's father came to America in 1638. Pretty neat. Anyway, the lack of running gave me some extra time and the genealogy project was a good excuse to talk to my dad and aunt.

I also perused the coolrunning board for the first time in forever. It's just about a ghost town. I did post though. Someone had run two 4-hr marathons and wondered if that meant they could never get down to 3:10. The narcissist in me had to post my story. Hell, it took me a while to just to get to 4 hours.

This morning, my daughter's soccer was canceled because the fields are swimming pools. I went for a stress free run in the light drizzle and 54 degree temps. I couldn't help but think this was perfect marathon weather.

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