Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why am I so sore?

I didn't run at all on Monday and then only 5 miles at lunch Tuesday. (I had to get my cholesterol rechecked Tuesday morning because my muscle enzymes were high at my pre-Christmas check up and I was told to get it rechecked without any strenuous exercise for two days before.)

Imagine my surprise when I was incredibly sore on this morning's run. What the hell? I slogged through my 9.3 glad for it to be over. What happened? Here are my theories in order of decreasing likelihood.
  • My legs felt really strong and I felt great when I ran on Tuesday at lunch. It was only 5 miles and I went a little faster than my recent runs (8:51, 9:11, 8:31, 9:09, 8:35 splits) but with a few strides in there, but nothing crazy. Maybe I ran too hard on Tuesday and that's my problem.
  • I haven't done the foam roller for a couple of days. Tsk. Tsk. Need to get on the ball.
  • I didn't get much sleep. Had to stay up to watch GT punt the orange bowl and got to sleep after midnight. Followed by multiple dog-woke-me episodes before the 5:30 am alarm that said "runnin' time!" Still, I've had nice runs a near coma before.
  • I've always seemed to have trouble recovering from even the smallest thing. My coach would throw in something like 3 x 10'' stair bounds at the end of an easy run and I'd be sore the next day. Back in May she suggested I had my Vitamin D checked. I forgot to ask my doc at the physical but I finally remembered when I had my blood checked before Christmas. Came back at "20" (the didn't give units on the phone), which is low normal. Normal range is 20-100. (Don't you love how 20 is normal and 19 is not normal?) Anyway, doc say take 800 IUs/day. Maybe Vit D is part of my problem?
  • For another chemical possibility, what about this cholesterol medication I'm on? Isn't muscle soreness a side effect? (Which is I get these tests.) First I was on lipitor for a month (pre-running) and was immediately taken off that after my first blood test (liver function high). Then I was on zetia (not a statin), but that didn't do enough. Then I was on crestor (zetia + zocor). There was some flap in the news about crestor and now I'm on pravacol. I'm wondering if that has to do with me flunking the muscle enzyme test. I flunked in June as well, but was too lazy to get it rechecked becuase I'd done a pretty hard long run the day before and assumed that was it. This time though I did a super gentle 8 miler that morning. I used to do that all the time before these tests and not trip the meter. The only time I "failed" before was the day after a half marathon. Even if the pravacol is causing some damage, but not enough to be out of the normal range without the extra kick of running, then that's no good either right? If the latest bloodtest is high I'm think about getting off these things all together and asking the doc for a chance to be a good boy and see if a strict diet can't get me low enough. Frankly I doubt it as I maxed out at 296 total cholesterol. (My dad hit 319!)

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Mindi said...

Yikes! My husband had high cholesterol and brought it down by making a few dietary changes (paper filtering coffee, low-ch. orange juice, etc.). Sounds like you have a more serious problem though.

Have you been sick at all lately? I had a virus earlier this winter and it made me crazy sore.

Hope you feel better soon.