Sunday, January 03, 2010

week of 28 December

Mo - 4.87 treadmill 46:28 9:33
Tu - Rest; drove back from ATL
We AM - 10.33 work route 1:37:55 9:29
Th AM -6.00 Treadmill 57:20 9:33
Th PM 4.54 lake B lap 0:41:34 9:09; ran with friends
Fr - 7.86 new route with CCT 1:14:56 9:32
Sa 11:30 AM - 6.00 Treadmill 56:48 9:28
Sa PM - 2.50 Treadmill 24:17 9:43
Su - 9.12 lake B two laps 1:21:44 8:58; ran with friends

This Week - 51.21 in 8 runs. 8:01:02 @ 9:24
Runs in 2010 - 4

I finished most of the runs (except those with friends) with some kind of pseudo fartlek for the last 0.5-1.0 miles. Threw some strides in, charged some hills, and picked up the pace. I wanted to finish the runs not feeling too tight. I continued to be religious in stretching after every run. I didn't used the foam roller and trigger points tools (like the ball on the glute) quite as much but I might have overdoing that before.

I tried some very steep (7 deg) treadmill stints and tweaked my knee a little. The hip seems to be improving day by day. My calf (the medial part just below where the calf gets bigger) was very tight at the start of my Sunday run. The calf seem to be coupled with my knee trouble although it might have just been a coincidence since my knee always bothers me at the beginning of a run.

The 24-minute run was interesting. I think I probably should have actually cut off at 20 minutes. For some reason there seems to be a big difference between 20 minutes and 30 minutes for me on a second run. Of course you have to wonder whether 20 is even worth it or if 30 would be OK if I did less in the morning. I think the 20' is worth something. The problem is the extra time just to get in the run (shower, stretch, etc.). One frivolous thing I do is use the garmin with HRM. Really, why can't I just hop on a treadmill without measuring everything.

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