Sunday, January 24, 2010

week of 18 January

My graph

Total: 61.9 in 11 runs
Year run total: 34 in 24 days

Over 60 miles and my longest run was 9.0. With 11 runs it feels like cheating.

On the barefoot experiment, it's not going well but not perfect. Mr. Tweaky (my knee) still likes to tweak, especially in the first few minutes. I have to work up very, very slowly to keep him at bay and slow down gradually as well. This isn't any different than outside in shoes.

I've really been concentrating on my form and it's forced me to pick up the pace (and effort) a little. It doesn't seem like I can't run as slowly when trying to run tall, make circles, etc.

I ran in Dayton on Thursday morning on a path cover in lots of black ice and a good bit of win. Very tedious.


Mindi said...

I hope you weren't running barefoot on the black ice! :)

I am impressed with your 11 runs (and 61+ miles). I would think it would be harder to run 11 times, than to run longer 6 or 7 times.

Keep at it!

Greg said...

11 runs totalling 61 is way easier on the body the 6 or 7, but definitely generates more laundry! So far it turns out that it's not as hard schedule-wise as I would have thought either.

Normally, I'd get home, change clothes and dork around on the computer and eat everything in sight before dinner. Now I run, shower, and change. I think the running instead of eating part is a lot of why I've lost a couple of pounds in the last 3 or 4 weeks.

I could definitely stretch the Sunday run without much real life impact, but I've been running with a couple of friends and going for coffee after. I'll have to figure something out as I get more serious.