Monday, January 18, 2010

week of 11 January -- reached base camp

My graph
Total: 57.3 Mi in 9 runs
YTD run total: 23 in 17 days

Feels like I've reached basecamp with 4 consecutive weeks in the 50s. My injury is improving so I'm getting some miles in while headed in the right direction.

I'm focusing a lot on form for the last couple of weeks. I try to think of just one cue at a time. One run I'll concentrate on "floppy feet" -- keeping my feet relaxed. On another, I'll think about "feet in a circle." The most important seems to RUN TALL.

My pace has been improving for the last few weeks.

My graph

The big bump in the middle is snow induced.

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Mindi said...

Congrats! Very solid. Yes, it is always easier to see on *paper* than in real life. :) Glad you are feeling stronger.