Sunday, November 29, 2009

last three weeks

week of 9 November - 4h20' (no running)

Mo - 30' stationary bike
Tu - 30' stationary bike
We - 30' stationary bike + general strength circuit; left my groin sore -- mistake
Th - 15' elliptical + 5' stationary bike (recovering from We)
Fr - rest (still recovering)
Sa - 2h'00' poolrunning; poolrunning is strange; wicked calf cramps off and on in last 30'
Su - 30' elliptical (limited time)

week of 16 November - 3h06' (ran 5 miles, 49')

Mo - 30' elliptical
Tu - 49' run (9:37); stressed out and needed run. Painful. Bad idea.
We - 45' elliptical; included 6 x 2' @80rpm, 2' @70rpm
Th - 60' elliptical; included 8 x 2' @80rpm, 2' @70rpm
Fr - 0; no time
Sa - 0; same as Fr
Su - 0; same as Fr

week of 23 November - 8h51' (no running)

Mo - 60'
Mo - 60' elliptical + 15' bike; steady ~75rpm
Tu - 36'47'' 3 mile run on grass with daughter at GotR; butt painful from start, groin joined in at 0.5 miles
We - 60' elliptical including 4x1' in reverse (10' in between); sore from run
Th - same on We; not sore
Fr - same as We
Sa 3pm - 81' poolrunning; life in way, late start and pool close before 2 hours
Su 10am - 81' poolrunning; planning 90, but right hip and legs got weak after 75' and I cut short

I've settled into a good rut. My goal is to get in 10 hours a week with poolrunning on the weekend when possible. I'm doing a 5k with my daughter on Saturday, so that's my first test. It's probably not wise to jump into 3 miles, but I have to run with my little girl. After that the plan is to sub running on a treadmill (maybe 15') for part of the elliptical time and see how that goes.

In addition to above I probably did the myrtle girdle and lunge matrix routines 5 times this week after work. I've also been doing static stretches after I exercise and 4-6 x 130# lat pull and 25 pushups immediately following exercise. I've also been icing frequently. You know that stuff your supposed to do.


Mindi said...

That REALLY sucks. Take is easy, but enjoy your GOTR 5K - that is really cool.

Greg said...

Thanks for the sympathy. I'm trying to be positive about it.