Sunday, November 01, 2009

week of 19 October

MPW 58 -- did 57.7 + 60' elliptical

Monday, Oct 19

Tuesday, Oct 20
6 mile easy run
6.0 @ 9:36. Caught my kids' cold. Didn't sleep much. I think the immunity hit from the 10k did me in.

Wednesday, Oct 21
8-10 mile easy run w/5-10x run up bleacher strairs
9.3 @ 9:22. Hardly slept at all. Amazing I got through this. No stairs really around work. Bounded up a couple of steep hills, but I was just lucky to make it through this.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
Being sick, I deferred this.

Thursday, Oct 22
8-10 mile easy run w/5 strides and 2 x 7 min @ HM effort w/1 min jog rests then 10 x 30 sec’s @ 3k effort w/30 sec jog rests then 2 x 7 min @ HM effort w/1 min jog rests

10.2 @ 7:59. Finally slept well. Felt much better.

2.0 to the track. 5 strides on the turf (50 yds each). I did these as 2x1600 w/200m rest since that was very close to the prescription. I did the 10x30 just by time. 1600s were 6:46/169bpm max, 6:39/171 max, 6:41/175, 6:41/176. This is consistent with HM heart rate (or even lower) and these felt pretty easy. Not sure why it's not consistent with my 10ks except maybe I'm hill-challenged (might come with my extra baggage around my waist).

PM, I did the deferred XT from yesterday. I mixed in the general strength circuit with ellptical. 10' elliptical, weights, 5' elliptical, weights, ...., 5' elliptical for 30' elliptical and 55' total time. Quite a workout.

Friday, Oct 23
6 mile easy run

6 @ 9:28

Saturday, Oct 24
8-10 mile moderate run including 5-8 strides

10.0 @ 8:35 over a hilly course. This was a pretty stout moderate run with avg HR splits of 139, 141, 151, 150, 153, 154, 156, 150, and 152

Sunday, Oct 25
14-16 mile total moderate run including 5 strides. Full recovery then 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 min hills @ 10k effort w/1-3 min jog rests.

Did as above except my hill is only 3 minutes long, so I tried to match the total with 1, 2, 6x3, 2, 1. Rest were roughly equal as I jogged to the bottom.

PM: 30 min XT moderate

Did 30' elliptical. I did at the rec center while my son was at swim team. I thought of squeezing in the GS circuit, but 1) not enough time 2) rec center is populated enough that jumping on and off machines isn't easy and 3) it was probably too much for today with 16 in the morning.
I was much about about doing the foam roller this week. My left quad is as hard as a rock compared to my right one for some reason. I think that might have something to do with my recurrent knee trouble.

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