Sunday, November 01, 2009

week of 26 October

MPW 61 -- did 60.8 + 90' elliptcal

Monday, Oct 26

Flew to St Louis for 5 days of meetings. Ugh.

Tuesday, Oct 27
8-10 mile total moderate run including 10 strides
10.0 @ 8:41 on hotel treadmill.

Wednesday, Oct 28
10-12 mile total moderate run including 10 min @ LT effort. Full recovery then jello maker hills: 8 x 70 sec hills @ mile effort w/easy jog down rests

10.8 @ 8:52. 5 minutes into the LT, the circuit breaker tripped and 3 treadmills lost power (I didn't think it liked mine on 9 mph!). I got another one after ~5 minutes when somebody was finished, but did the next 5 minutes at 5 deg and a lower speed to avoid disabling the other 3 treadmills. Did the hills as 70' at 8.0 deg with equal rest.

PM: 30 min XT moderate

30' + gen strength circuit. I was able to do a pullup! I've been doing 4 x 150 lb on the lat pull and have worked my way up to a single pullup.

Thursday, Oct 29
5-6 mile easy run

6 @ 9:13 on treadmill.

Friday, Oct 30
10 mile easy run w/5-10x run up bleachers
10 @ 9:19 on treadmill. Did 5 "bleachers" of sort. ~15-20 secs on 10.0 deg incline

PM: 30 min XT moderate
Stopped at work gym on way home from airport (aren't I dedicated?). Did the GS circuit again w/ 26' on elliptical and 4' on stationary (elliptical occupied).

Saturday, Oct 31
7-9 mile easy run
8.6 @ 9:01 on my lake route. This was on the harder side of easy maybe (slow pace, but pretty tough route).

Sunday, Nov 1
15-16 miles total moderate including 2 x 15 min @ LT effort w/3 min jog rests. 5 min jog rest then 5-8 x 45 sec hills @ 3k effort w/1 min jog rests

My hip/butt/groin thing bothered me. Ran on muddy trails in a steady rain, so the pace was slow but the effort was reasonably LTish. My "hip" really grabbed me on the 1st of the hills and I decide to forego the rest. I'm thinking of seeing an orthopedist. This thing hasn't gotten better and looking at my log I've had this since the end of June -- 4 months!

PM: 30 min XT moderate
Drove to work gym on a Sunday (again, aren't I dedicated?) and did 30' on elliptical (no GS since did twice already)

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