Friday, November 27, 2009

please not Plantar Fasciitis, too

Well, I've run 8 miles total since the MRI. I ran 5 miles out of frustration two week ago and then 3 miles @12:15 with my daughter for Girls on the Run. Even 3 miles in 36:47 on grass was painful. Ugh. I accepted that it's going to be a long run back.

It was somewhat liberating and I formed the seeds of a plan in my head. After a week of non-weight-bearing activity (bike and pool), I've been able to use the elliptical. The last three days, I fell into 60' elliptical + 15' bike followed by some static stretching. At night I do the Myrtle girtle and lunge matrix routines. I figured a long run of 2 hrs in the pool on the weekend and another 75' pool run and I could start to work up to the 10-11 hrs/week I think is magic for me.

Well, today on day 3 of the elliptical/bike program, I felt a sharp twinge in my left arch. Please, please don't let this be PF. I suffered 18 months of that before. I'm icing it as I write and am about to pop some Vitamin I. I'll poolrun for the next two days. I'm also going to start wearing my Nike Frees on the elliptical. Even my Wave Precisions which are light for a trainer are stiff enough to create a long lever arm and create stress across the bottom of my foot. I think the flexible Frees should help.

On the good news front, I've dropped a couple of pounds in the last few weeks.

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