Saturday, November 14, 2009

week of 2 November -- osteitis pubis

MPW 62 -- did 44 miles + 45' stationary bike

Monday, Nov 2
XT 45 min moderate including GS Circuit

45' elliptical + GS circuit. I assume the 45' means actual time on the elliptical, because this takes about 70' total.

Tuesday, Nov 3
7-8 mile easy run w/7-10x run up bleachers and 2 min @ 3k effort

Butt/hip/groin still hurts. Appt with orthopedist in the afternoon. Did 8.0 @ 9:09. Skipped the bleachers and 3k.

PM: Ortho write me a prescription for Relafen (NSAID) and an MRI to make sure it isn't a femoral stress fracture.

Wednesday, Nov 4
AM: 10-11 mile total moderate run including 30 min progression run. Start out @ marathon effort and finish the last 5 min slightly harder than 10k effort. Full recovery then 10 x 400m @ 3k effort w/1 min jog recoveries

Still have pain, but not quite as bad.

Progression went OK: 7:08/159 max, 6:57/169 max, 6:46/174 max, 3:18/ 175 max (800m), 4:52/181 max (1200m - 6:32 pace). I'm ~7:00 at below MP HR, but running faster is awkward. I don't seem to have another gear.
10x400 The first two 400s were 94 sec and I strained my right hamstring digging on the second. I just tried to run "fast" and relaxed after that. They were 96-97 each, but my butt grabbed me on number 7 and I stopped.

PM: 4 mile moderate including GS Circuit – run 30 sec strides @ 5k effort for all segments on circuit that state run xx

This was a real grit-your-teeth run. My left knee is now the most painful thing! It's very hard to start after stopping. It's quite painful if I try to support my weight on my left knee when it's at a certain angle (~160 deg). I can feel groin each footfall. I managed a speedy 11:03 per mile
I did the GS circuit at the playground and of course the cop rolls through the parking lot with his flash light while I'm doing squat thrusts. It's never when I'm doing pushups!

Thursday, Nov 5
5 mile jog

I tried to run with as little impact as possible. Knee stinks. Kills me after I have to stop at stop lights. 5.1 @ 10:05 pace.

Friday, Nov 6
8 mile moderate run including 7-10 x 45 sec hills @ 3k effort w/easy jog down rests

8.0. Forgot my garmin but same route as Tuesday. I'm guessing around 9:30 pace. Wasn't horrific, but the knee is bad and the hip/groin is still definitely bothering me.

Saturday, Nov 7
8-10 mile easy run w/8 strides

Got an MRI at 8:15. Ran on the treadmill b/c I was waiting for someone to drop my son off.

Things were going OK and then I thought the doorbell rang. Starting back up was brutal on the knee. My HR was way, way high for the pace. 8.0 @ 9:40. I slowed as my HR rose above 145. I was at 10:30 by the end. Usually I'm at 130 bpm at 9:30-9:45 pace. Not sure what's wrong.

Sunday, Nov 8 -time trial/HR max
14-16 mile total moderate run including 5 strides then 2400m time trial and HR max test. Please report your time for the 2400m. Start out relaxed and increase your pace 1-2 sec’s every other lap. Full recovery then 4 x 2 min @ 5k effort w/1 min jog rests. Full recovery then 3 x 100m cutdowns

Guess I'm hurt. Did 45' w/ 40' on the bike and maybe 5' on the elliptical (not a good idea)


Mindi said...

Damn! When do you get your MRI results? It sounds like the knee pain is probably being caused by adjustments you are making due to the hip/groin pain.

That really, really, really stinks. I am sorry you have to deal with that.

Greg said...

I had the post-MRI follow-up last Tuesday. It wasn't a stress fracture, but "osteitis pubis" meaning that my pelvis an edema (basically inflammation or the bone marrow) of the pubis symphysis.

Mindi said...

That sounds awful. What is the projected recovery time?

Greg said...

My orthopedist, who's a runner (ran a 65:30 ten-miler at age 43!) is really understanding. He basically said he wouldn't run for a week or two and then just play it by ear. Googling, I've found it takes on average 9.6 months(!) for the pelvis to actually heal.

I think the pelvis problem is a side effect of running with other problems and I'm (unjustifiably) hopeful that if I can get my muscles straight that I can run through it.