Friday, September 26, 2008

workout without a watch

Well, I didn't intend this, but my 2 easy 3@HM, 1 easy, 2@10k, 2 easy went untimed. On the way out, I hit the mode button to check the time of day (make sure I had enough time to make it back to work) and when I hit mode again, my Garmin lost the satellites. This has happened before, so I turned it off and back on, but this time it wouldn't come back on. I thought I knew the reset button sequence, but I had it wrong and I could never get it to come back on. As a result, the run was totally by feel. I think I hit the 10k pace right and might have been a little slow in spots during the HM, but I wasn't too far off.

As for time/distance, I'll go with 10.25 and 1:21:15 (easy = 9:00; HM=7:00; 10K = 6:30).

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