Thursday, September 18, 2008

and the scale says...

8/27/2008 166.8
8/28/2008 165.8
8/29/2008 165.9
9/2/2008 165.3
9/3/2008 162.3
9/4/2008 163.4
9/5/2008 164.5
9/11/2008 165.5
9/12/2008 165.3
9/13/2008 164.4
9/15/2008 162.3
9/16/2008 162.3
9/18/2008 162.0
9/19/2008 163.3

I've been counting calories for a couple of weeks and running what I thought was about a 500 cal/day deficit. It bounces around, but I think I'm down a pound or two. I haven't felt well this week. I'm not sure if it's my run in the heat, whatever my son had that caused him to puke in the middle of the night at his friend's house, or something else. Anyway, I haven't felt like counting calories the last few days, so I haven't. I hardly slept last night and today I probably overate in an attempt to feel better. I ran 8.5 miles though, so I'll probably still break even.

The legs are kind of banged up from last week's intensity. I had a little pull or something in my hamstring from my 20 miler a week and a half ago and with the hard running it never went away. I've been letting my legs decide how fast to go this week and so far that's been really slow -- like 10 min/mi slow. I've looked down and seen heart rates under 120 on the downhills, so I think I'm in good shape. Hopefully, I'm not squandering it trying to recover, but getting injured would suck, so I'll keep shuffling until the legs come back around.

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