Friday, September 12, 2008 and some more half marathon angst

Two posts in a day -- I'm prolific. I've tried to use on-line calorie trackers before and found it just too painful. For instance, I tried sparkpeople but it didn't seem to have anything in its database and I didn't want to do all that typing. Well after searching for nutritional info and having come up with the answer several times, I decided to try it. It actually has the stuff I eat in there! Also, I figured I needed to eat about 2500 calories a day to lose weight (2000 + the ~1000/day I burn on average running - a 500 calorie deficit). Thedailyplate came up with the same answer. Nice. The bummer is that I only have 25 calories left today.

By the way, it's crazy humid outside right now. The forecast for Sunday has worsened to 74 with a dp of 70! Geez. I'm thinking that there's no point in beating myself up for this race. Maybe I should just do a MP run like I did at annapolis. The weather is actually supposed to be worse! I can run a 5/10k later for a better fitness indicator. The goal is the marathon and I think I'll just interrupt my training and damage my psyche if I run this thing all out. Thoughts?


mainers said...

Greg, you seem to be talking yourself out of running this all out. I am usually an advocate of racing all races all out but this might be a case of running this at MP, for a tough workout that's not going to kill you, especially with the weather as it is

Greg said...

Hey, mainers. Somebody else actually read this thing :-) Thanks for the comment.

Yeah, you're right. I've pretty much talked myself out of racing it now. The temp's supposed to be 76 now! (Dew point still 70.)

I signed up for this thing originally as a goal race (sub-7 pace or sub-1:30) and as a confidence builder for the marathon. It's pretty clear it's not going to be either now, so I'll run it as a MP run and save the recovery.

MN Ultra Runner said...

I agree Greg. A perfect race in those conditions is still going to leave you disappointed with the time and won't give you a real indication of your marathon fitness. Go out there and have fun, don't worry about the time. Use it practice any new nutrition, hydration or electrolyte strategies you might have. Good luck!