Sunday, March 16, 2008

week of 10 March -- biggest week ever

Mo - 6.27/8:31/146
Tu - 4.00/8:55/147 am, 14.10/9:25/152 pm
We - 8.02/8:53/140
Th - 0
Fr - 14.04/8:33/144
Sa - 6.19/9:06/146
Su - 26.94/9:50/142

Week - 79.56/9:03/145

That's not a typo for today -- 26.94 miles, which is my longest run ever. I did a 6 lapper at the lake. I've had vague thoughts of doing at least 26.2 sometime before the marathon. I figured out that it's not going to happen next weekend because of other plans, so I thought I'd do it this week. It was surprisingly easy actually and felt like I had a second wind on the last lap. I was conscious of staying hydrated and also drank gatorade, which, I think, prevented my usual swift rise in heart rate after a couple of hours. You can see the gradual rise in the graph above. I also ran each lap a little faster than the last. I know that almost nobody thinks this kind of run is good for you, but I just followed my intuition.

By the way, I'd like to tip my cap to you ultra runners (aka aharmer). I can't imagine doing a hundred miles. Despite taking it very easy today, it's hard to imagine running another 23 or even 63 miles!


Mindi said...

Wow! Now that is one heck of a workout. Very nice mileage. I am green with envy!

aharmer said...

Great run Greg! You could do the longer stuff any time you just takes slower paces and the ability to endure pain for longer periods of time.

Anonymous said...

I know lots of folks who really swear by the overdistance stuff--I'm not one of them, but I'm not a marathoner. I'm curious a couple days out how you're feeling? Don't know if I'd go to that well too often, but if you're no worse for wear, than I'd say a long overdistance run can help...