Monday, March 31, 2008

soreness and shoes

I noticed my right bicep was sore after my run on Saturday. I laughed because the same thing happened to me when I first wore the Nike Frees last December. I run differently in them. I instantly start carry my arms lower, which initially causes the soreness in my right bicep. I think I normally carry that arm high and swing it across my body as you can see in this embarrassing photo. (I think the guy to the right of me is saying, "That goofy dude is passing me?")

I noticed the other difference after Sunday's 20 miler. My quads are more sore. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad. I *think* it's good because using a major muscle group when you run. I'm not sure it's good though and I'm a little concerned about wearing the Frees in a marathon. Quadriceps fatigue has to be one of the mechanism for slowing down in the last 10K I would think. After all, you can't walk down stairs after the event. (Joseph, see all the marathon fun you're missing!)

I might end up running in the Mizuno's since they've got me through a couple of marathons already. I need new ones though. I have almost 600 miles on my current pair. I thought they were feeling a little dead.

Training: Did 5 slow miles this morning.

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aharmer said...

Hey Greg,

I'm with you on the embarrassing photos. My race photos always suck. Hope things are getting back to normal with training!