Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OK, a lot worse for wear

Running home and leaving your car at work is quite an obligation. This morning I was obliged to run the 10.5 miles in. I started out with my knee/hamstring thingy as sore as it was on Monday and by 6 miles in it was pretty painful. By 8 miles it was very painful. Well, crap. I guess I'll take couple of days off and hope it goes away.


Joseph P. Wood said...

Ice. Ibuprofen. Rest. Seriously. Don't stretch it until the acute pain subsides. Hope this is just a hickup

Greg said...

Thanks for the reminder. Just took 600 mg and strapped on an ice pack. Still have it in the freezer at work!

Mindi said...

A bag of frozen peas works awesome as an ice pack. Try it. I hate to hear this. Take a couple days off (as painful as that is) and recover well!