Thursday, March 06, 2008

Am I getting any faster?

I did my 14-miler with the last 5 at MP again yesterday. There's one flattish mile in the middle of the 5 mile MP loop that I use as my fitness indicator. The last three times I've run it has been 7:37/157 (7 Feb), 7:27/167 (15 Feb), and 7:21/168 (6 March). The first one looks by far the best, but maybe 15 seconds per mile is worth 9 bpm in that part of the curve.

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Joseph P. Wood said...

It's hard to say: there's the issue of weather, how tired you were, what time of day you ran, your weekly volume, etc. In other words, there's a lot of mitigating circumstances. I think you'll get a better sense, perhaps, further over the training cycle (when you hit this workout a couple more times) and/or your tune-up race results.