Friday, March 14, 2008

Ramblin' man

Another week of travel. I got home from the race at 10:30 and was leaving for the airport at noon -- another trip to LA. Oh joy. I did 6.3 on Monday and after reading the malmo doubles thread on letsrun, I was inspired to get up for 4 on Tuesday. Tuesday night was a great run. I ran from the airport to the beach and then up a bike path to Marina del Ray and ran by the UCLA crew team while they were practicing -- all while the sun was setting. Very nice. I ended up extending it to 14 miles after running 4 in the morning. 8 miles on Wed evening and a zero for travel back on Thursday (landed at 4:15 and coached a basketball game at 5:45). Got up this morning at 5 to run my usual 14. I was had a few niggles and I want to be good for my long run on Sunday, so I skipped the last 5 at MP and did a steady 8:34 per mile. No way Fenty is training this hard. He has some lame excuse about running a city.

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