Tuesday, March 25, 2008

6 & 5

Normally today would be 12 miles at about 8:30 pace, but I'm injured of course. I keeping my runs under an hour until the demons are gone or I just get impatient. The plan for today was a 6 & 6 double because hitting my normal mileage for the day would make me happy.

I did ~6 this morning without any real problem and let my legs decide on the 8:52 pace. Somehow I accidentally ran home during the run and cut off the last loop. Seeing 4.96, I realized what I did and had to decide whether to go back for the last mile. My legs felt great at this point, so of course I risked fate and of course my hamstring tendon (or whatever this is) tightened up, but I got in the scheduled miles. I felt a little worse for wear and worried this might be a setback.

Went out tonight for the other 6. Hardly a hint of the injury for the first 4+ miles! Then it started to get really tight, so I headed home, doing the same route I inadvertently did this morning for 4.96 miles. Near the end of the run, I wanted to check my pace because I thought I was running this pretty quickly. I saw "00:00:00." I guess you have to hit the start button. Glad I wore this chest strap and gigantic thing on my wrist. I put down 43 minutes for 8:40 pace.

Side note: It is not possible to play Visions of Johanna loud enough.

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