Tuesday, May 01, 2007

week of 30 April

Race week

Mo - 4.11
neighborhood loop. I haven't been using bah-bump and I think the bad HR data encourages me to run faster at the beginning. 8:53 pace overall. Didn't notice the calf/tendon thing at all. Didn't feel the knee except walking down the steep hill home. wp7-1

Tu - 4.68
My 4.11 runs have been getting down to 36 minutes and Benji calls for 45 today. I did the longer lap and a half route. 41:XX. Probably too fast for a recovery run, but still the last half lap only average 141 bpm. (First lap avg screwed up by 12 minutes of messed up HRM.) 8:51 pace. No calf/tendon problem and didn't even feel the knee. wp7-1

We - 10.45
Ran to work. Started at about the pace I've been doing the last couple of days (probably too fast) and then probably picked it up slightly. 8:52 pace overall. Out of curiosity, I hit the lap button at the lights, which accounted for about 2 minutes and brings the pace down to 8:40. Average heart rate was 144. HRM worked from the start today. It was warmer than yesterday. 60 at 6am. Hopefully it won't be that warm for the marathon. The forecast keeps improving. High of only 67 now! 50 at 8am and 68 at 2pm. I weighed myself on the dr's scale. 158-3/4. I was 160 flat two weeks ago.

Th - 4.11
nbhrd loop. 36:57/140 (8:59 min/mi). HRM seemed to work pretty well at the beginning again.

Fr - 4.11
nbhrd loop. 37:04/139 (9:01 min/mi). HRM a little goofy at the very beginning. I had some fairly sharp knee pain early in a weird location, but after some walk breaks it went away.

Sa - Rest
Benji says to run 25 minutes, but I didn't see the point, so I didn't.

Su - marathon
3:24:16/172. I've raced 6 marathons and all of them have had an average heart rate of 172 or 173.

54 miles
wp6-1: 314 + 26 = 340
wp7-1: 17 + 28 = 45
wr10-1: 335 + 0 = 335 (not sure I'll wear these again)

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