Tuesday, May 22, 2007

week of 21 May

Mo - 4.11
9:31 min/mi, 137 bpm. Still high for the pace, but closer to normal. Could feel the calf, but didn't get worse. wp7-1

Tu - 10.1
Lake A loop plus 1/2 a nbhrd loop (8.3 + 1.8). I could feel the calf but I still tried a very ill-advised tempo portion. About 7 mins in, the hamstring and calf really started to hurt. After I slowed down, I could still feel it with every step. It got a little better at the end and I think I can run, but I might have to forget about a tempo on Thursday. I should have just run easy today. Heart rate pace was OK though. 9:00 min/mi, 140 bpm. The last half loop was 15:26/142 compared to 15:23/138 and the awful 15:11/157 last Saturday. wp7-1

We - 4.1
Still felt hamstring, but made it through OK.

Th - 10.3
Lake A loop plus a "spur" to the flagpole at the rec center. I was told the spur was worth 2.2, but paced on my pace for the rest of the run, dead reckoning puts it at a little over 2. At 54 minutes, the back of my leg *really* started to hurt. I did some jog/walk for a while and then was able to run again. I picked my knees up more (like I was doing before this 9 min shuffle I've fallen into)
and things were easier.

Fr - 4.1
nbhrd loop. 9:02 min/mi

Sa - 4.1
9:35 min/mi. This is what I was doing recovery runs up to the marathon at.

Su - 17.9
Got out fairly early to beat the heat. Hit start at 6:51am. out, around lake b, and back. I warmed up slowly, cautious about my hamstring -- 50:13/131 to the rec center. Pushed it up to 140 and then gradually to 150 by the time I was leaving the lake. On the path to the rec center I let it get to 160 on the big hill leaving and then ran at 160 until I hit the last *big* hill on the parkway. I let it get above 170 and held it there for the last 15 minutes or so. I tried to finish in 2:45 and did it in 2:44:47/147 (9:17 min/mi). The last two 20-milers I did were 9:07 pace and 148 average, but it was pretty warm and humid today though. It was already 69 (62 dew pt) when I started and 78/64 when I finished. I'm almost back to normal. I need to get this hamstring healed though before I start doing tempos. The hamstring didn't really bother me today although I could feel it.

55 miles, 8h24m
wp6-1: 396 + 0: 396
wp7-1: 66 + 55 = 121
wr10-1: 335 + 0 = 335


aharmer said...

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the comment on my blog...hope your leg heals up quickly. My running partner just pulled something in his calf and is now doubtful for our marathon in two weeks.

I cross-referenced a bit of data and it lines up pretty well with yours by percentage. I find that at the end of a long run, I need to run about half-marathon intensity to keep marathon pace.

You're probably familiar with Hadd's work...I use his ladder fitness test as my fitness predictor so I don't have to go out and do races all the time. Do you have any fitness predictors that you use? I'm thinking about starting another one that looks like this: 12M total, first 4M at 70%, mid 4M at 78%, final 4M at 86%.

Greg said...

For you 12 mile predictor run, I would predict (sorry) that the pace you ran the last mile at would be your marathon pace. I don't have any great predictor, but I think my long run pace/heart rates are pretty good indicators of improvement. Three weeks out I did a 20 miler @148 (74%max) at 9:07 min/mi. I ran 7:47 pace at the marathon in some serious wind and I also let up some. I think I was in 3:20 shape (7:37) in similar conditions, so for me I think an even-pace 20-miler at 75% max avg is about MP+90 secs which is also a common prescription for a long run pace.

A better predictor I think is to run a shorter race (like a half or a 10-miler) as if it were a marathon. For me that means getting up to 170 (85%) over about 3 miles and then keeping that.
I think I need to be in a race setting to get a good prediction. I also think this is a good workout. The 10-miler at MP (actually turned out to be a little faster) seemed to be just what I needed.

aharmer said...

I'll let you know how the first 12M predictor goes, it will be after the marathon so probably end of June. My long runs right now are at about 8:00 and that's at 70%, goal pace is 6:50 so I'm probably right in line for hitting my goal. My Hadd predictor run a couple weeks ago I was in 3:01 shape, we'll see later this week what it says now. I did this same predictor just after Boston last year and it told me 3:10...I ran 3:09:35 at Boston.

What do you have next? I forgot if you're an ultra guy or not...any thought of doing them if not already?

Greg said...

Next for me is trying to qualify for Boston this fall. I need to knock 9 minutes off my time from early May. I'd like to an ultra someday, but not until after I qualify.