Monday, May 28, 2007

week 28 May

Mo - 3.3
Pretty stiff and went really slowly (first lap was 29:0X -- a little over 10 min/mi). Then at about 30 minutes the back of my right knee suddenly grabbed me. I tried to walk/jog it off for a couple of minutes, but gave up and walked home. I think I should take the next couple of days completely off.

Tu - Rest

We - Rest

Th - 4.86
9:04 min/mi. Shouldn't have run this fast. Felt like I was lucky to finish without hurting it.

Fr - 8.3
old lake A route. Very, very slowly. 10:32 min/mi (135 bpm). Went gingerly to avoid any strain on the hamstring and walked 60 steps every 5 minutes or so.

Sa- 8.3
Week after the marathon I ran 8.3 miles @9:09min/mi (143 bpm). Today was 9:58/145 on the same route. Ugh. Temp today was avg 73 with a dew point of 60. Before it was 65/38. Weather explains a lot, but I feel like I'm out of shape. The hamstring was much better today. I hardly felt it. It's almost like the long slow run helped more than the days off.

Su - 12.8
Dreadful run. I planned for 3 laps around lake B (4.6 each). 1st 2 were 45 minutes (just under 10mm) and my hamstring felt fine although it was harder than it should be for 10mm. It wasn't even warm (71 degrees) but the dew point was 66(!). Is humidity really that bad or am I just out of shape? Then about 10 minutes short of finishing my hamstring really hurt and I walked it in. Steady rain to add to the fun.

38 miles
wp6-1: 396 + 13 = 409
wp7-1: 121 + 25 = 146
wr10-1: 335

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