Saturday, May 19, 2007

week of 14 May

Very tough week with travel and a cold. I felt like I locked in on an efficient 9 min/mi shuffle though.

Mo - 4.68
41:56. Good pace/heart rate. 8:58 min/mi and 135 bpm average.

Tu - 10.32
7 laps around "The Great Mall" in Milpitas, CA. gmap-pedometer calls it 1.474 miles around. I got out of bed at 3:40am to run with beginning of a cold. Watched the mall start to life as I ran around. At least it was flat as a pancake. I remember thinking I could run a fast 5K on it. After the first lap, the heart rates were 144-146 until the last which was 148. It got noticeably harder the last lap. Quads were also quite sore by the last lap. Splits were very even. Average pace was 8:23 min/mi. 144 bpm average. Nice MAF test I suppose.

We - 4.42
3 laps around the mall. 8:34 min/mi. 148 bpm average.

Th - 10?
Thankfully I switched hotels. My hotel was right by the Coyote creek trail which has a nice path with a surface like the Mt. Vernon bike trail. Unfortunately, I got some bad directions from the hotel and ran an hour before I found it. The trail runs for miles. I saw "mile 13" markers. It's got to be tens of miles. It has markers every half mile. The only downside is you can hear the freeway the whole time, but for travel running this was more than one could hope for.

Fr - 4.7
SFO Marriott. Ran on the path by the hotel along the bay. Guessed the distance assuming ~9 min/mi.

Sa - 4.68
Extremely high heart rate for the pace. Temps in the low 60s. 8:49 min/mi. 151 bpm. Compare to monday. 9 secs/mi isn't worth 16 bpm!

Su - 15.7
Heart rate not as ridiculous as Sat, but still high. At about mile 12 the back of my right knee started to hurt. Really it was the top of my calf and the bottom of my hamstring. I jog/walked for a while before settling into a slower run unil the end. This run really beat me up. I must be sick. 9:06 pace and average 153 bpm over 16 miles. My last two 20 milers were the same pace (9:07) and 148 bpm and through 16 miles were probably in the low 140s. Felt like I got hit by a truck. The temps probably hurt though. It felt OK, but it was 63 when I started and 75 when I finished. Those 20-milers were probably in the 40's.

54.5 miles, 8h1m
wp6-1: 346 + 50 = 396
wp7-1: 63 + 5 = 68
wr10-1: 335

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