Wednesday, June 06, 2007

week of 4 June

Mo -4.1
wp 7-1

Tu - 10.7
Ran to work. Took alternate route b/c of the rain, but started on my old route and added two tenths in the confusion. hamstring started to tighten up. wp7-2 (New shoes. Same model. Why does blue feel better than lime green?)

We - 6.15
c-g loop (4.35) + 0.05 + half nbhrd loop (1.75) = 6.15. 1:01:54/135. That's 10:04 pace. There were also at least 90 secs of traffic lights (it's about 9:45 if the lights were 1:54). The nbhrd loop was unobstructed 16:52/140 (9:38 pace). The reason for the improvement over the recent dismal runs has to be the weather. Temp/dp was 62/58 rising to 65/56. Hamstring was still there, but I didn't make it worse.

Th - 10.5
Ran to work by the usual route. Utterly fantastic morning weatherwise. 57/53 at the start and 63/57 at the end. Right at 10 min/mi and averaged 138 bpm. I think I just need to get used to 10mm. Maybe next summer I can run.

Fr - 4.7
nbrhd loop and a half

Sa - 8.3
Lake A loop. 137 bpm. 10:21 min/mi. My, I'm slow.

Su - 18.4
I wanted to make 4 loops without hurting my hamstring, so I'll say mission accomplished. I didn't want to push it and let the "run" come to me. I didn't want to get out of first gear though. Laps were 49:18/128, 49:27/130, 50:05/135, and 44:32/155. I picked it up and felt like I was racing the last one. 155 bpm for 9:40 pace? What's the matter with me? At least I got in 63 miles this week. wp7-1

63 miles, 10h45m (most distance and especially time in a while)
wp6-1: 409
wp7-1: 146 + 23 = 165
wp7-2: 40
wr10-1: 335

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