Tuesday, February 27, 2007

week of 26 February

Mo - 0
I felt sore on Sunday night as I have for weeks, so I decided to sleep in.

Tu - 5.9
Despite a day off, I was still sore, but less so. I decided to run 2 neighborhood loops. Did them right at 10 min/mi and my heart rate was pretty low. 131 for the first lap and 138 for the second. I'm struggling for why I've been so sore. A few factors I can think of: 1) residual soreness from the slightly higher mileage and races; 2) too much time on the treadmill; 3) rotating out my more cushioned wave creations for the wave riders and some on the wave precision; 4) I believe I've lowered my cadence back to where it was. I worked on #4 a little today and I think I felt better. Something also clicked about my form. When I was picking up my right knee a little more and trying to run more fluidly, what I was doing was keeping a balanced rhythm between my left and right legs -- equal time. Normally I tend to abbreviate my stride with my right leg I think. The right one is the one with the turned-out foot.

We - 10.5
1:53:01/135. 10:49 min/mi! Ran to work very slowly. Took 4+ extra minutes on the less than half a mile through the lake because of ice. Even after that I just kept it slow. Hit some lights for a couple of minutes but didn't sweat it. Just covering the miles. Not sure how much I'll do tomorrow. Running around the lake is out of the question. 2 to 3 loops around the neighborhood probably. I'll see how I feel. I plan to run to work on Friday.

Th - 5.86
58:50/138. Considerably worse than Tuesday. Lots of alibis though. I have a chest cold (feels like I'm ripping something out of my lungs when I hack up something). I had a rest day before Tuesday instead of running 10+ miles. I also think the mucinex I took might be affecting me. I've wondered if the Nyquil I took in the days leading up to my disappointing MCM could have contributed.

Fr - 10.5
1:56:43/139. Just when you though I couldn't run any slower! Chest cold is pretty bad. Took about 4 minutes (2 tries) to cross some knee-deep icy water crossing the spillway. After I got to the other side I noticed my alarm was going off and my heart rate was 150. From my log it looks like I peaked at 168! Anyway quite sick, this was purely a transportation run (cover the distance to get to work).

Sat - 4.68
48:29/133. I did one and a "half" neighborhood loops. I was and am sick and wanted to make sure I was recovered for my "hell or high water" 18-miler on Sunday. I have done a run >15 in three weeks and the marathon is only 9 weeks away. Anyway, my "loop" is really a bowtie and I stopped at the "knot" on the second loop (same as the starting point). Per gmap-pedometer.com the distance was 2.93 + 1.75 = 4.68..

Sun - 17.9
3:08:47/140. 10:34 min/mi. This was my "hell or high water" run. Just get my sick butt to cover the distance somehow. I went very slowly, trying to stay under 135 on the way out, which was hard because I had lots of hill and was running straight into 20mph winds gusting to 30. (Starched flags pointing straight at me.) Keeping everything slow though I felt remarkably good though and just jogged along enjoying the music on my shuffle. On the way back I had the wind at my back for half and then it moved to my 9 o'clock with a lot of stiff gusts coming from my 11 o'clock. That's not fair. Anyway, I just grinned and beared it as I took a left into the sustained winds for the last mile.

Shaking the soreness from the weeks of 60 miles with races was the goal and despite being sick I'll say I accomplished that.

55 miles
wr10-1 147 + 50 = 197
wp6-1 23 + 5 = 28

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