Sunday, February 04, 2007

another week, another race

Mon - 0 -- no sleep, no run
Tues - 8.3 -- usual lake a route
Wed - 10.5 -- ran to work
Th - 8.3 -- usual lake a route
Fr - 5.9 -- 2 nbhrd loops (too icy to run to work)
Sat - 18.4 -- 4 lake b loops
Sun - 7 -- 2 mile warmup + 5-mile race in 34:41

Total: 58 miles
wc10-1: 0 + 13 = 13 (new shoes this week)
wc7-3: 389 + 45 = 434 (need another pair to alternate with)

5 mile race

Well, 18 miles on Saturday is not the optimum taper and I felt it as I approached mile 3. The back of my left leg felt really tight and it felt like I was straining it. My 6:47 4th mile was followed by a 7:12 closing mile as I eased up on my leg. Time was 34:41 (25 seconds slower than two weeks ago) on a similarly hard course (maybe a little easier b/c not as many turns). My average heart rate was only 182 though? I average 182 in the NCR half marathon. I think it's hard to get my heart rate up when I'm tired. I saw this at a 10K a year ago when I was in the midst of the hard Pfitz training and only average 176 but a reasonable time for my condition.

It might be time to dance with the one that brung me and go about upping and possibly slowing my training miles back to strictly below 145 -- 7 days a week, run to work twice a week (extending to 12 miles), and no races. Trying to maintain this when on travel is going to be very tough though. I'll pick racing back up at the end of March and maybe run a tune-up 5K prior to my goal 10 miler.

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