Friday, February 16, 2007

week of 12 February - my first DNF

Mo - 5.9
2 nbhrd loops
Tu - 8.3
lake A lollipop in the snow -- slow and beautiful
We - 7.6
home treadmill -- snow turned to ice
Th - 8.5
more ice, more treadmill
Fr - 3
still icy, sore from treadmilling, and have a 10K tomorrow
Sat - 10K
Pulled hamstring (or lower back of leg above knee) after two perfect miles (6:54 and 6:58 with 6:55 goal pace). Ugh. My first DNF. This is the same injury from the end of the 5-miler two weeks ago. I thought it was gone since I haven't felt it at until until about a half mile into this race. At mile two, I could tell I was doing damage. I had several grab the back of the leg and hop funny moments before I threw in the towel. Mileage was a little over 2 plus a 1 mile jog back and an 18+ minute warmup. Call it 5 miles.
Sun - 10.9
Slow run all over the place. Snow, ice, etc. to slow me down and make me change my route. Leg felt OK at the slow speed. I cut it off at close to 2 hours (and almost 11 min/mi pace!).

49 miles (lowest in forever)
wr10-1: 72 + 38 = 110
wc7-3: 440 + 11 = 451

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