Monday, February 19, 2007

week of 19 February

[I want to be Ed Whitlock in 40 years, but for now I'd just like his form.]

Mo - 9.41
1:35:00/136 on the home treadmill. I'm thinking of going back to the consistent 80+ minute runs and forget about the 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3 idea.
Tu - 11.2
1:53:01/141. Holiday Inn express out and back. Left groin quite sore at the start.
We - 9.7
1:36:29/136. Holiday inn express out and back (but didn't add the additional ~1.5 miles). I think My form really clicked about 10 minutes into the run. I started running quieter and more fluidly. I believe I was picking my right knee up more and holding my upper body more upright. Anyway, it seemed like my heart rate dropped 3-4 beats keeping the same pace. My pace was nearly identical to yesterday, but my heart rate was much lower. On the way out, I did 49:13/134 (on the watch) compared to yesterday's 49:04/138. I think these 100 minute runs are doing me a lot of good. It feels like I just start to get a little tired after ~85 minutes which is the time my everyday lake A route takes. Maybe I need to stretch that day to day distance, and weekly long runs don't do it (like peddling in too high a gear). Ed "the man" Whitlock does 2-3 hour daily runs at MP+2 minutes. I think he's on to something.

Th - 8.18
1:20:25/137. I believe residual fatigue has built up, which is what I was shooting for. I had the normal 1hr+ tired feeling about 30 minutes in, so if felt harder than my heart rate showed. Anyway, pace/heart rate was still good. I kept up my form. I'm not sure whether I should be leaning forward a bit to push out the back more, which also keep the knees from lifting as much.

Fr - 0
Flew back from the west coast and I've learned not to try and run when doing that. My quads are sore about 6 inches above my knees. Is this from lifting my knees more?

Sat - 8.3
1:23:13/138. Wasn't the usual 8.3. I found out Lake A was unrunnable and continued on Greeley back home and then did a neighborhood loop. Legs kinda sore. I'm not sure about doing 18 tomorrow.

Sun - 13.7
2:30:00/134. Did 7 minutes in the slushy snow and retreated home to the treadmill when it kept filling the heel of my shoe, which felt like running on rocks. I finished on the treadmill in a dreadfully slow pace. I could only stomach 2:30 on the treadmill, so I stopped early. This is two weeks in a row with no long run. I *really* need to get back in the swing next weekend.

60 miles
wp6-1: 23 miles (new shoes - wave precision 6)
wr10-1: 110 + 37 = 147

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