Saturday, February 10, 2007

week of 5 February

I decided to try and replicated the marathoning start to finish basebuilding approach by doing 7 days this week (no rest) day and following a 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3 pattern. My "unit" was about 6 miles. The week went like

Mon - 6 miles (treadmill - snow)
Still quite sore from the 5 miler

Tue - 6 miles (treadmill)
Still sore.

Wed - 12 miles (treadmill - 7 degrees outside)
The soreness was gone and this wasn't as bad as I'd expected with thanks going to Tivo.

Thu - 5.9 (2 nbhrd loops)
Surprisingly sore in the hamstrings. I think the treadmill had me altering my form.

Fri - 11.7 (ran to work)
I added a 1.25 mile loop to the run to work to get it to 11.7 miles. I ran this harder than my usual slog and got there in 1:50:04/148 (9:25 min/mi). The top of my left foot hurt when I started. I thought my shoes were tied too tight, but that wasn't it. It went away, but I felt it later on the downhills.

Sat - 5.9 (2 nbhrd loops)
My heart rate was quite high for the pace. 56:35/145. Leading up to marine corps I did this loop in 56:07/140, 55:55/139, and 56:05/141. I'm probably just tired from yesterday's effort.

Sun - 17.9 (lake b lollipop)
The mileage for the week (and the harder than usual effort on Friday) caught up with me. At ~1:40, I got the "I'm getting tired" feeling I usually get at 2 hours and my heart rate was near 160 in the last mile or so (I probably picked it up some though). I can't complain though as this carryover effect was basically what I was looking for. The top of my foot hurt again at ~1hr and then later it hurt sharply, but briefly, at ~2 hrs.

I'm considering running a 10K on Saturday. I said I wouldn't but there isn't a good option until 2 weeks before Cherry Blossom. I was hoping to do a 5K the week before Cherry Blossom and 3 weeks in a row isn't good. Anyway, I've got a year old 10K PR of 47:21 that needs trouncing. If you believe the calculators I could do just under 43 minutes based on my 5-mile time.

If I do the 10K, the week could look like 6, 6, 12, 6, 6, 10K, and 18. Not sure where to put the 12 yet though (Tue or Wed).

65 miles (most ever by a mile)
wc10-1: 13 + 59 = 72
wc7-3: 434 + 6 = 440

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