Wednesday, March 07, 2007

week of 5 March

Mo - 5.9
Two neighborhood loops. Chest still isn't clear, but heart rate/pace back to normal.

Tu - 8.3
Finally got back to my lake a lollipop route! I was considering doing 5x800 or something today (want to start introducing some speed a day or two during the week), but I was still sore, so I took it easy. Weighed 159 after my run today! Holy cow. I haven't seen a weight under 160 in probably 10 years. I was ~155 when I graduated from college in 1993.

We - 4.05
Treadmill. Still a little soreness. I want to get completely well before running in to work tomorrow. I'd like to throw in a little tempo running on the way, but there is snow in the forecast, so slogging 10 miles in 3 inches might be all I can handle. Chest still isn't totally clear, but it's close. Weighed 161 after my run today, so yesterday wasn't a total fluke.

Th- 10.0
I did the Benji durden tempo day on the treadmill. I was going to do it on the way to work, but the snow and ice was too much to do a tempo run on. Anyway, I did 30 minutes at mostly 6.2 mph (9:40 pace). I was at 10 min pace but my heart rate didn't even hit 130. I got up to 135 before I started the tempo portion. 12 minutes at 8.4 mph (7:08 min/mi). 3 at 6.0 mph. 12 min at 8.4 mph then 33 minutes of cooldown at 6.0 mph to hit 90 minutes and 10.0 miles total. I felt the hamstring strain again, so it hasn't left, but I'm pretty sure I didn't do any damage. I've read treadmill times are 4% slower than outdoor, but there's no way this was equivalent to 7:26 pace. It was harder than that. I think the pace was right -- supposed to be a pace I could hold for an hour. My heart rate was at 184 at the end of the second interval, which is what I average in my last 10-miler. I messed up on the rest period. I thought it was supposed to be 12 t / 3 e, but it's 12 t / 6e. Weighed 160 this morning.

Fr - 4.0
40:00/135 on the treadmill. Higher heart rate than yesterday's 30 minute warmup warmup. Probably tired. I guess that's expected. Weighed 160 this morning.

Sat - 4.11
One and a half nbhrd loops. This time I was pressed for time, so I did one lap plus the short half of the bow tie (kept going straight up the hill). Weighed 160 again.

Sun - 20.3
I did four loops around lake B (4.6 miles each) plus an out and back to the far side of the dam (.9 5 miles each way). Loops were 45:01/140, 44:29/146, 43:40/155, 44:31/162. Out was 9:13/162, back was 9:25/163. The plan was to roughly follow the benji durden long run prescription. The runner's world article says 9:05 min/mi for a 43 minute 10K runner (which I believe I'd be if I'd run one). I believe 9:05 is based on some predicted marathon pace though and I really doubt my marathon will line up with my 10K (never has yet). I guessed that 9:05 was probably predicted marathon pace (based on 43 minute 10K) plus 90 seconds. The same schedule is in "How to Train" (but expanded to 84 weeks). It says to do long runs at MP + 90-120 secs, so I think my guess is right. Anyway, I was guessing I'm in 3:30 shape (~8 min/mi), so I shot for 9:30 min/mi. After the run today though I'm not so sure I'm in 3:30 shape. Maybe 3:35 to 3:40? We'll see. I'll know a lot more after Cherry Blossom.

56.6 miles
wp6-1: 28 + 10 = 38 (need to start wearing these more)
wr10-1: 197 + 47 = 244

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