Saturday, May 22, 2010

5k with the kids

GotR race is tomorrow, but baby girl can't go, so we did a different 5k today.

Very easy logistics. Next to a commuter lot, so lots of parking close to the start. 9am start (I'd hate the extra temp if it were my race though!). 12 and under were free and they still got ridiculous schwag? The only downside was a long line to get t-shirts/chips. They inexplicably separated handing out bibs from chips and then had you single file in line to get you chip and t-shirt, so someone had to file through and find your chip. I've never seen that before. If they fix that, you could cruise up the this race at the last moment assured of plentiful, close parking. I'd do this again.

OK, now for the race!

Baby girl asked her (daddy) rabbit for 9:30s. We were moving along pretty good and I could hear her breathing. I kept asking if she wanted to slow down but she kept passing people. We finally started to slow down after the first mile. A bit later, we saw big brother who was on his way back telling us we had a long way to go. Thanks!

The early pace was a bit ambitious for her, but she held it together and didn't walk a step! She had plenty in the tank as she took off when she saw the finish about 1/4-mile a way. I started to follow and she said, "Dad, I have to beat you!" She finished a bit under 31:30, which is 3 minutes faster than in the fall. Big brother got in around mid 26:XX (forgot to stop his watch until 26:50), which is 6 minutes faster than the fall I think. He's getting to that age where he can push himself. When I saw him, he looked every bit like he'd run a hard 5k.

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Mindi said...

Awesome!! Congrats to you all!