Wednesday, April 07, 2010

PF or bloody toe

Well, I ran today. I wore the widest shoes I own (Mizuno wave precisions) and loosened the laces as much as possible. On my toe I had a band-aid slathered in as much body glide as the law will allow. It actually went OK. I could obviously feel it with each step, but it wasn't too bad. The bad part is that I could feel the stiff shoes affecting my PF. It's not bad, but it's slowing my healing. Oh, well. I can't run in the other shoes right now (well, without some serious pain).


Mindi said...

GOOD LUCK with your race this weekend!

Greg said...

Thanks! I just got back from a run and did a few laps on the track before doing strides on the turf. I did about 3 laps at 8:18/136. I'm feeling pretty hopeful.