Sunday, July 19, 2009

week of 29 June

Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights –Power Core Circuit (PCC) 2 x week
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises
12 weeks to goal 10k
MPW 52
49 miles
Monday, June 29
Tuesday, June 30
5-7 mile easy to moderate including 6 x 10 sec high knees up a hill and 4x 10 sec speed bounds up a hill
6.3 @ 9:17 including hills
Wednesday, July 1
AM: 9-10 mile total run including 2 x 13 min @ LT effort w/5 min jog rests between reps over rolling hills. Finish w/8x 20 sec uphill strides and 5 x 10 sec sprints w/60 sec recoveries
10.8 miles inlcuding all above. Pace was OK. ~6:50 first 13' and 7:15 or so second 13'. First was net downill and second was well uphill including two of my long repeat hill.
Hip bothered me some afterwards.
PM: 30 min XT moderate
35' swimming. Got beat twice racing my son in 25m fly. My "hip" was *really* sore after this. My hip thing was really migrated around. Now it's more in my groin. I can feel it in my groin when I lift my knee especially if I apply any resistance (like putting my hand on my knee when I raise it). It feels a lot like this.
Thursday July 2
5-6 mile jog.
6.0 on the treadmill @9:30. Groin not as painful when I woke up but still not good. Was able to jog OK after warming up for a mile at 10:00.
Friday, July 3
8-9 mile easy to moderate including 4 x 20 sec high knees up a hill and 4 x 20 sec speed bounds up a hill and 10 increasing effort 20 sec strides. Run the first stride @ 5k effort and progress your effort every stride so that the last stride is @ 800m effort. Full recovery between strides
I just did this as a semi-moderate run. 58 degrees outside! It was fantastic. Almost brisk. The bad part is I got to experience just how bad a shape I'm in without excuses. 8.4 @ 8:54 per mile, averaging 141 bpm (~139 excluding first mile). Hard to tell on this course though (run around the lake).
PM: 30 min XT moderate
Skipped, to try and help my hip.
Saturday, July 4
6-7 mile easy run including 3 min @ 3k effort
7.0 on the treadmill including 3' at 6:27 (OK, not quite 3k, but going fast on the treadmill is scary).
Sunday, July 5
13-14 mile total run including Antelope Circuit. Full recovery then 15 min progression run from marathon effort to 10k feel. 5 min recovery then 10 x 100m increasing effort strides w/1 min jog rests. Run the first stride @ 10k effort and the last stride @ mile effort. Full recovery then 2-3 sets of: 2 x 200m @ mile effort w/200m jog recoveries then 800m @ 3k effort w/ 800m recovery then 300m @ mile effort w/200m recoveries. Repeat 1-2 more times
This run was a struggle from the beginning. After 2 miles at ~10:00/mi I did the antelope circuit 1x thru and my butt/hip/upper thigh was not doing well. I decided I'd surely do damage if I did the workout, so I set off to finish 14 easy. Even that was a struggle. It wasn't my hip really. I was just fried. I was struggling to run 10mm, so I cut it short and ended up with 10.5 @ 9:53. Ugh.

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