Sunday, July 26, 2009

week of 20 July

Hills 3
Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights 2x week-on days of your choice
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises
9 weeks to goal 10k

MPW 55 scheduled -- did 51.4

Monday. July 20

(swapped with Tuesday). 6.6 including hill drills. Splits 8:40-9:00 excluding the drills and the first mile. Quads were still sore from the 8k.

PM: Weights and foam roller.

Tuesday, July 21
6-8 mile easy to moderate including 3 x 20 sec high knees up a hill, 10 x 1 leg hops for distance up a hill, and 3x 20 sec speed bounds up a hill

No running. Did core 100 I think.

Wednesday, July 22
9-11 mile total moderate run including SNW and 10 min progression run- begin with 2 min high moderate then increase effort every 1-2 min so that the last 1 min is at 10k effort. Full recovery then 18-22 x 60 sec @ 3k effort w/1 min recoveries. Run workout over rolling terrain.

Did 11.05 @ 8:11 including SNW, progression, and 22 x 60 as above. I doubt I hit 3k effort, but it was tough! 22 minutes at 3k effort seems like a lot. Run was on dead flat terrain. 1 mile from the hotel to a 3-mile loop in a wildlife refuge (Assateague Island). My quads were still a little sore.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
No XT.

Thursday July 23
5-6 mile jog

6.02. Quads were now quite sore after Wednesday! I could feel my hip when I woke up -- didn't take Vitamin I before bed.

Friday, July 24
7-8 mile moderate run including 10 increasing effort 30 sec uphill strides. Run the first stride @ 10k effort and progress your effort every stride so that the last stride is @ mile effort. Full recovery between strides. Finish run with 1 min @ mile effort

7.22. I took a spur of the 3-mile loop, to a beach only accessible via foot or bike. Very nice. There was a light rain and it was cool. I didn't see a soul until about 5.5 miles. Quads sore again, but I did the 10x30'' and the 1 min @ mile effort but it was all on the flat.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
Did weights but not the XT. I won't to get my hip totally healthy before I add back the XT that I asked for!

Saturday, July 25
6-7 mile easy run including 5 strides @ 5k effort

6.27. Skipped the strides in hopes of getting my quads ready for Sunday.

Sunday, July 26
14-15 mile moderate run including 36-48 min total of 6 min @ marathon effort (not pace)/5 min @ HM effort/1min @ 3k effort. Run over rolling hills. Finish run w/3 x 150 cutdowns

AM: 14.0 on the treadmill. I got a late start and didn't want to run in 80+ degrees. Quads totally fine. Didn't even think about them. Did the 36 minute "tempo," but was probably a little easy with the pace: 7.8 mph (7:41)/8.2 mph (7:19)/8.6 mph (6:58). Despite my wimpy pace, this was quite a workout! I forgot about the cutdowns. I hit the incline button a few times to add "rolling hills," but I need to figure out how to program this thing. The builtin programs are too short and vary both the speed and incline (and the incline is often very steep).

PM: Core 100

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