Sunday, July 19, 2009

week of 13 July

Mon 5.99 0:52:13 8:43 149
Tue 6.00 0:55:45 9:17 135
Wed Rest
Thu 6.00 0:55:35 9:16 137
Fri 3.80 0:35:00 9:13 133
Sat 9.01 1:11:24 7:56 168
- 7:57 PM 3.01 0:28:05 9:20 145 (includes SNW warmup)
- 8:46 PM 5.02 0:33:45 6:43 188 (8k in 33:47)
- 9:22 PM 0.98 0:09:34 9:48 165 (cooldown)
Sunday 4.00 0:38:03 9:30 140
- did Core 100 workout

Week 34.81 5:08:00 8:51 146

All easy in the desert Mon - Fri. Flew home Friday and landed at 10:15pm. My hip improved ever so slightly each day, but still bothered me. On Friday, I finally got the genius idea to take ibuprofen and felt considerably better on Saturday. I could still feel it when I raced an 8k on Saturday night, but it was more isolated and didn't seem to affect my gait at all. The funny thing is, ibuprofen is exactly what helped the same problem last fall. What do I keep a log for anyway? I'm continuing the ibuprofen and am somewhat optimistic I'll be able to do a workout on Wednesday.

The 8k went OK. The weather was spectacular for this event. 70 at the start and 66 at the finish. *Very* low humidity. Upper sixties isn't exactly PR weather though and the course is pretty hilly for an 8k. That doesn't account for missing my PR by almost 2 full minutes though. I figure I'm at least a minute slower for the same course and conditions. Considering how little consistent running I've had in the last months, I suppose this is to be expected.

The race itself, the Rockville Twilighter 8k, is loads of fun and I highly recommend it. It starts at 8:45pm and turns into a big party afterwords.

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