Thursday, August 13, 2009

week of 27 July

Hills 4
Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights 2x week-on days of your choice
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises
8 weeks to goal 10k

MPW 56
I did 52 miles this week plus 60' of XT, 9h5m total. The first time over 9 hrs in a long while. ~10 hrs used to be my benchmark. I'm pretty sure the "hip thing" is piriformis. I laid off the NSAIDS for my stomach and b/c it's probably not good for me. The pain is mainly in my butt now.

Monday. July 27


Tuesday, July 28
5-7 mile easy run

7.0 @ 9:10/134bpm. Didn't get much sleep. 72 deg/94% (70 dp).

Wednesday, July 29
9-11 mile easy run including Everest Hill Drills 1x thru. Full recovery then 3 strides and sprint training:
Use the first few sprints as a warm up and always run in control with good form
6x 10 sec’s w/75 sec rests. Full recovery then 10 x 90 sec hills @ 3 to 5k effort w/2-3 min jog rests. Finish run w/3 strides

9.3 @ 9:09/147 bpm. Horrible HR for the pace. Very hot and sticky. 75 deg/91%. 72 dew pt has to be the highest this year. Had to get up at 4:45am to try and make the bus (car in the shop). Really bad run. I had to take a detour to the McDonald's bathroom, forgot about the everest drills and 3 strides. Did the sprints. Got through about 6 hills before realizing I had to hoof it back home if I had any hope of making the bus. Didn't do final three strides. Missed the bus and my wife drove me. Fun!

PM: 30 min XT moderate

After all that in the morning, I forgot to bring my gym bag to work so no weight or XT. Did Core 100 at home.

Thursday July 30
4-6 miles easy

AM: Did 6.15 on the treadmill. I repeated the test I did on 9 June (plus an extra mile). I did 1 @ 6.0 mph (10:00), 1 at 6.3 (9:31), and 4.15 at 6.6 (9:05). Temp/humidity inside was 70 deg/54%. My heart rate splits for the 9:05 pace were 137, 139, 141, and 145 compared to 134, 133, and 134 on 9 June. I was very dissapointed with my fitness.

PM: Did weights and 30' on the elliptical.

Friday, July 31
6-8 mile moderate run including 4 x 20 sec hill bounds, 3 x 20 sec high knees, 3 x20 x 1 leg hops for distance and 10 x 100m increasing effort strides w/1 min jog rests. Run the first stride @ 10k effort and the last stride @ mile effort

7.8 @ 9:05/157 bpm. I did a pretty good job on this. My hill wasn't great though. It was too short and probably not steep enough. I did 3 x 20 high knees, 5 x ~12'' hill bounds, and 3 x 20 x 1 leg hops. I did the strides on the track and they went pretty nicely. I did 10 laps, striding the home straight. I absolutely nailed the times from the very first one. I started w/ 24 secs (40:00 10k pace) and worked down to 22 secs (5:54 pace).
Very, very hot sticky again. Even worse than Thursday. 77 deg/83% (72 dew point).

PM: 30 min XT moderate
I did 30' of breaststroke at the pool. It was backstroke that really exacerbated my pain before. I think it might be the narrow range of motion of a flutter kick that affects it. I also hope breastroke would strengthen my hip adductors. Supposedly weak adductors cause piriformis in some people. Also weak adductors can cause duck-footedness (like my right foot). Plus breaststroke is less tiring!

Saturday, Aug 1
6-8 mile easy run
8.0 @ 9:35/140. I was very tired and my legs were a bit heavy. I went for a slow run around the lake, but my heart rate still got up there. 69/68.5 dp at the start and 76/71 at the end. I had new niggle in my right shin.

Sunday, Aug 2
14-16 mile total moderate run including SNW and 5 min @ marathon effort. 3 min jog rest then 5 x 1 min hills @ 3k effort w/1 min jog rest. 5 min jog rest then 30 min run up a hill @ LT effort. Finish w/3 x 200m cutdowns

AM: 14.0 @ 9:26/153. Did this on the treadmill and pretty much followed the plan except I didn't do the SNW (not sure how on a treadmill). 30' uphill @ LT was only 9:13 pace, but 5 deg. I hit 183 bpm at the end, so firmly LT. My old left knee really bothered me for the first mile or two. The shin is clearing up, but still there.

PM: did core 100


Mindi said...

Ack, piriformis stinks because that is one that lingers. The good thing is you can usually train through it. Get a tennis ball to massage it.

What is SNW? The treadmill stinks in the middle of summer, no?

So how are you enjoying this 10K training? I see you have several coming up -- GOOD LUCK!

Greg said...

The SNW is the supercharge nervous system workout. It's just some drills to warmup befoe fast running. It includes things like skips and high knees.

I'm not crazy about the 10k training. I guess because I don't run as much as I'd like. We'll see how it works.