Sunday, June 07, 2009

week of 1 June

Best week in a while. Finally up over 50 mpw again. This was 50 the hard way though.

Stamina/Power Phase
Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights –Power Core Circuit (PCC) 2 x week
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises

MPW 51

Monday, June 1

No problem :-)

Tuesday, June 2
5-6 mile easy run including 4 x 15 sec high knees up a hill and 3 x 10 sec speed bounds up a hill

6.1 total. Found a very nice hill for high knees and bounds at the lake. Very steep and parallels some concrete steps that would be good for stadium bounds. Unfortunately it's only a 10 sec hill for speed bounds. 9:10-9:25 pace except bounds and first mile. 2nd and 3rd miles were 9:12 at 128 and 130 bpm? 3rd was downhill, but still pretty good.

Wednesday, June 3
8-10 mile total moderate run including 10 x90 sec's @ 5k effort w/2 min jog rests. Finish run w/6 strides and 3 x150m cutdowns

9.7 total. Out and around the lake. Swung by home after 8.3 to get my son who wanted to run with me. He (sorta) did the strides with me. (I forgot and did 5 instead of 6.) Then he jogged around the 10 laps per mile (161m/lap) elementary school crushed gravel track while I did the cutdowns. 36, 35, and 35 secs (6:00, 5:50, and 5:50 pace) with 1 laps jog in between.

Did it in my hotel room in St. Louis. (Yep, back again.)

Thursday, June 4
4-6 mile easy run

6.0 on the hotel treadmill @ 9:20. It was actually nice outside, but rather than run by the pawn shops and check cashers, I stayed indoors. My HR was quite good. I never saw above 130 and was at 9:13 pace after the first couple of miles. Am I breaking through? Or was the treadmill mis-calibrated?! HR avg was 129, but HRM was messed up for first 5', reading >160. Rest was in the 125-130 range with a max(!) of 132. Strange.

This made me think that maybe I should do one of my easy runs on the home treadmill at a fixed (low) heart rate to see how I'm progressing during the summer since it's so hard to tell outside in the heat.

Friday, June 5
6-8 mile easy moderate run including 4 x 15 sec high knees up a hill and 4 x 15 sec speed bounds up a hill. Full recovery then 3 strides then sprint training:
Use the first few sprints as a warm up and always run in control with good form
3 x 10 sec's w/75 sec rests
3 x 15 sec's w/75 sec rests
Full recovery then 10 min @ LT effort up a hill

7.9 total @ 8:57 (incl drills). Light rain and 60(!) degrees outside. Felt nice. 3+ miles to to the hill. My HR seemed pretty good on the warmup. Did dirlls on grass hills then strides and sprints on 1/4-mile crushed gravel loop at the middle school. My 10-minute hill was only ~6:30 and the rest was downhill (with a steep last 50m up). First LT mile 7:14, last 2:49 @ 6:29 pace. Jog home.

Saturday, June 6
5-7 mile easy run

7.0 @ 9:30. Out and back to the lake. Didn't get out until almost 11am, but it was overcast and only 69 (dew pt 59). I've worn the Frees every day except Wed. I really think they have an effect. My turnover is higher and I feel more over my feet.
Did the Core 100 in the afternoon.

Sunday, June 7
12-14 miles total including Antelope circuit 1 x thru. Full recovery then 10 min @ marathon effort and without rest run 10 min @ HM effort, 5 min recovery then 10 increasing effort strides. Run the first stride @ 10k effort and the last stride @3k effort . 5 min recovery then 5 x 2 min hills @ 3k effort w/2-3 min jog rests

I felt sick to my stomach overnight and didn't sleep well. (A whole bag of vinegar and salt potato chips will do that to you.) Then I slept in and got running at 10am when it was 72 and 77% humidity. By the time I finished a little after noon it was 77. I've got to reckon with the fact that it's summer and I need to get out early on the weekends and that an entire bag of potato chips isn't good for you.

I did this on my lake lollipop course. 2.25 to the lake, 2 x 3.8 per lap, 2.25 back, plus all the up and down of the hills on the quite-steep hill coming up from the lake made for a very hard 14.26 @ 9:33. That's one of the hardest runs I've ever done, especially for 9:33 pace! (That *did* include the antelope circuit where I'm not really running.)

Did ~2.5 mile warmup and then antelope circuit 1x thru. Ran 2.4 easy then 10 min @ 7:35/162 (about 168 at end). This was predominantly downhill, but it was hot. I think this was a good pace. Next 10 min was @ 7:23/176. Rolling uphill on the trail. Good HM effort I think based on the HR. I did some math and decided to do the 10 strides on 75'' intervals and that should leave me 5 min rest before the hill. Well, I was pretty gassed and the 10 not-so-great strides kept my HR in the mid-160s. I probably only had 3 min or so before the hill. I dutifully did the 5 x 2min up the steep hill w/ 2 min jog down each time. I was certainly giving it what I had, but this is definitely not how I envision hill repeats @ 3k effort. It was more like going up the last hill of my marathon last fall -- slow, but hard. Jogged home with a 9:49 @ 162 (mostly uphill) and 9:12 @ 159 bpm mile. Wow, was I gassed.

4 pm: Did the PCC.


Yvonne said...

that should say a whole family size bag of vinegar and salt chips.....

Mindi said...

Nice. What events do you have coming up?

Thanks again for the materials. I looked at them closely this morning and think I am going to mix some of that into my routine - particularly hills. I run hills all the time, but haven't done any focused hill work in 2.5 years. Also need to work on the power thing.....

Greg said...

Next is a 10k on Saturday. It's supposed to be 70 at 8am, so I expect nothing. I really, really doubt I'll beat my 10k split (41:15) at Cherry Blossom.

All my events through the end of the year are listed on the right sidebar.

Mindi said...

Good luck. Looks like a solid lineup.