Sunday, May 31, 2009

week of 25 May

MPW 45
Monday, May 25

Tuesday, May 26
4-6 mile easy run then Power Core Circuit (PCC)
5.3 @ 9:33 then PCC (2x thru). Skipping rows and squat thrusts like last week.

Wednesday, May 27
8-10 mile total moderate run including 10 min @ LT effort then 20 min fartlek @ 5k effort w/1-3 min recoveries (fartlek means you choose the time that =s 20 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 = 20 min @ 5k)
Finish w/3 x 150m cutdowns

Ran on hotel treadmill in St. Louis. 2 miles wup. 10' at 7:03. 90'' at 10:00, then 31:20 fartlek w/ 5k segement (6:31 on treadmill) and 1:30-2:00 rests at 10:00. 21:37 cdn including 3x40' @ 6:00, 5:52, and 5:42. Total 10.0 miles. 1h23'.

Thursday, May 28
4-5 mile easy run
5.0 on the hotel treadmill in 47:30. 9:30 pace.

Friday, May 29
6-7 mile easy run including 5 x 15 sec high knees up a hill and 3 sets of 3 x 100m cutdowns and later PCC

Out and back on the shoulder of a road running by the airport. Not exactly scenic but relatively flat and it did the job. There was a very nice grass hill for the high knees and I got in the cutdowns. 6.0 miles @ 9:01.

Got home from St Louis and did the PCC at about 8pm. Skipped the rows (still haven't figured this out) and the squat thrusts (being cautious).

Saturday, May 30
5-6 mile easy run
6.1 miles @ 9:31. I must have been exhausted because I slept until 9am! By the time I got out is was pretty warm, but very dry and pretty decent in the shade.

Sunday, May 31
11-13 mile moderate run including Antelope Circuit 1 x thru. Full recovery then 25 min @ progression run. Start @ marathon effort and increase your effort every 5 min so that the last 5 min is at 10k feel. 15 min recovery then 4 x 75 sec hills @ mile to 3k effort w/very easy jog down rests. Finish run w/5 strides

Ended up staying up past midnight (That's what sleeping in does to you!) and woke up at 8am. Got out at 9am when it was 64 deg, but it warmed to 70 by 11am. The humidity wasn't bad at all, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

This run is pretty complicated logistically (stadium bounds?) and after plan A went by the wayside, I headed to the highschool track. 5+ miles to the track and my legs (especially quads) could still feel Friday's PCC.

Except for some funny looks, the Antelope circuit went fine. I even made it through the squat thrusts. I think I was bringing my feet to far forward before and my stomach sagged, straining up near my ribs. The bleachers weren't great for bounds though. The stairs aren't steep enough or long enough. I did the circuit on the turf which was nice because it was measured out (just did 25 yds instead of meters). It was HOT on the turf and just as hot on the track.
For the 25' progression, I thought I'd do 5 1200m increments since each would be about 5 minutes. The plan was to hit the first 200 in 55'' (7:20 per 1600) and then take a second or two off that in the next 1200 block. Unfortunately, I hit the first in 50''! I tried to slow down, but the first 1200 was 5:20/168 bpm (7:09 pace). The second was 5:15 (7:02) and the third was 5:05/182 (6:49). Well, that's as fast it got. I was breathing really hard and the next was 5:10/184 (6:56). I struggled through the last in 5:20/183 (7:09). I guess that was a (slow) 6k race? The heart rates weren't crazy high, but I didn't have anything else.
Anyway, I jogged home and dutifully did the 4x75'' hills. Turns out the hill next to my house is a perfect 75'' hill. Did a half-decent job at the 5 strides and headed home. 13.2 total. 8:33 avg.
PM: Did the core 100.

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