Saturday, June 13, 2009

10k results - 43:36???

Well, I have to fess up to a real klunker. 43:36! Can you believe that? I split 41:15 at Cherry Blossom. I did manage to just hold off the F55-59 winner though :-) (I looked at CB and she finished 9 minutes behind me there.) I think I actually ran a good race (21:55/21:41), but I'm just not in shape (at least for these conditions).

In terms of heart rate at least, I've never run a 10k harder (the motivation of holding off F55-59 I suppose). My average HRs were 176, 185, 187, 187, 187, 190, 195 (last .2). By comparison my avg's in the 31:55 8k I ran mid-march were 177, 185, 186, 187, and 187. I hit 197 on the sprint. And I misjudged the sprint, too! I got away from Betty (it's OK to laugh) and thought I'd really sprint it in. Then I realized the finish was ~200m farther than I thought. I slowed a little and Betty almost caught me before I surged again. Oh the drama!

Anyway, this happens to me every summer. I run a marathon, the mileage goes down some, it gets hot, and I run one too many races. Last year I went from a 19:49 5k mid-May to a 35:57 5 miler in mid-June. Time to rebuild!

I wonder whether there is there any way I'm running sub-40 this fall? I haven't run this little mileage in a long time and it has me a little nervous. My usual reaction to a klunker like this is to do a lot of long slow distance and build the miles.

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Mindi said...

Interesting. You don't think it may have been heat or something? I look forward to seeing the bounce back (although I'd LOVE a 43:36 :)