Sunday, May 03, 2009

week of 27 April

training - week of 2009.04.27

Active Recovery Week
Foam Roller Exercises 5-6 x this week
- manage to get this in 3 times. I'm awful about remembering the "do x times this week" stuff.

Monday, April 27
-- done

Tuesday, April 28
XT 30-60 min easy
-- 60' on the elliptical. About 20' to get to 140 bpm and then stayed low 140s until 5' left and dropped down to 130s. Nice to sweat again! I had it set to level 4.0 when I think I was doing 3.5 when I used it about a year ago. Stronger now? My hips were a little sore afterwards.

Wednesday, April 29
XT 30-50 min easy w/ 10-15 x 45 sec hard /1 min XT easy rests
-- 50 mins elliptical. 15 min easy (~130bpm), 25.5 mins of 15x(45 sec hard/1 min easy), 9.5 minutes of very easy. My hips were pretty sore afterwards. Not used to the elliptical I guess.

Thursday, April 30
3-4 mile easy run including 10 strides @ 10k effort
-- 4.0 @ 9:30 including 10 strides

Friday, May 1
10-15 min XT easy then Power Core Circuit but do 1-2 min moderate XT between exercises and 1-2 x thru
-- Went really well. 15 min elliptical. 2 x thru with 1 min moderate elliptical in between. I had 3 minutes left on the timer, so added that at the end. Not sure if there was supposed to be a cool down. I didn't have anywhere to do the reverse row, so I used seated row weight machine. It's not quite the same though since your hands are close together (about 6'' apart). I only managed 30 pushups on the first go around (was doing 35 before marathon) and 23 on the second.

Saturday, May 2
5-6 mile easy jog
-- 5.95 @ 9:32. 64 deg and humid. I felt out of shape. A few sore places from the PCC, but not bad.

Sunday, May 3
10-15 min XT easy then Power Core Circuit but do 1-2 min hard XT between exercises and 1 x thru
-- I elected to do 2 minutes between and 15 min warmup. "hard" is the key word above and makes this workout pretty tough as you can see from the hr graph (average 149 bpm). I wasn't completely recovered from Friday so I only made 25 pushups. With 13 x 2 min intervals you end up with 26 minutes "hard." I had 4 minutes left on the timer (set to 30 minutes), so I did 4 minutes very easy on the elliptical as a short cooldown. Total time was only 61 minutes, but I got a lot in there. If you were just exercising for health, circuit training is probably a good way to go.

Total: 5h47'. Only 10 miles running. My inner mileage junkie is cringing.

I've pretty much made up my mind to run the B&A trail marathon on 7 March (not announced, but I believe it's the first Sunday of March). See this post for my handwringing/reasoning.

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