Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Circuit training will kick your butt

Today I did the somewhat benign sounding "10-15 min XT easy then Power Core Circuit but do 1 min hard XT between exercises."

15 min on the elliptical 2 x 14 exercises with 1 min hard elliptical between each and another 3 minutes easy on the elliptical. The circuit is 14 exercises, so that 27 minutes hard between them. Took about 75 minutes.

Holy. Crap. I was trailing puddles around the gym and counting down those last five intervals. It's tough when "pushups to fatigue" is your break. I can feel the endorphins though. If your goal is just good health, I think circuit training on the hard days with some kind of easy XT (like swimming) on the easy days is probably the way to go.

Here are the 14 exercises (not in order).

- pushups to fatigue
- step ups to fatigue
- squat thrusts to fatigue
- side pedestal
-Dumbbell squat press
-Prone Double Arm Raise
-Sitting Bicycle
-Sitting Push Kicks
- body weight rows to fatigue (I don't have a smith machine at the gym, so I use the seating row weight machine)
-Lateral Leg Raise
-Donkey Kicks
-Lateral Leg Swing
-Linear Leg Swing, Bent Knee

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