Sunday, March 15, 2009

week of 9 March

Recover/race week -- total was 52.9

Monday, March 9
-- I rested
2-3 sets max push ups
-- I did 27 (an improvement for me) and 10. If I really max the first
set, I'm never going to do a lot on the second. Am I doing this right
or should I shoot for even sets next time?

Tuesday, March 10
8-10 mile easy run including 6 x 10 sec hill sprints and Everest Hill
drills 1-2 x thru
core plank
-- Barely slept last night. Did 9.5. Did everest 1x thru. Almost
did another but checked my watch and I was late.

Wednesday, March 11
10-12 mile total moderate run over rolling hills w/ 45 sec @ 5k
effort/2 min jog rests x 15
-- Did 10.5 moderate and definitely over some hills. 15 x (45''
5k/120'' jog) went fine. There's no way to know the pace since the
Garmin doesn't work well enough over a 45 seconds period. That's
probably a good thing.
1 set max body weight step- ups
-- done

Thursday, March 12
5-6 mile jog
-- 5.1 @ 9:25 Again little sleep last night.
Forearm Plank w/Alternating Leg Lifts and 1 set max body weight or
light weight one leg squats
-- did the plank, but forgot the squats. I'll get this one day.

Friday, March 13
4-5 mile easy run including 10 strides
-- 5.2 easy (9:07) with 10 strides. I'm feeling rested!
100 reps of abdominal exercises of your choice
-- 20 x (crunch, rt oblique crunch, left oblique, reverse, and
bicycle). Easier this week, but man that's hard!

Saturday, March 14
3-4 mile easy run w/10 strides
-- 3.8 @ 8:50 w/ 10 strides. So rested, I'm about to come out of my shoes.

Sunday, March 15
AM: 10-12 mile total run including 10 strides and 8k race
- 4 mile wup w/8 strides (call me a rebel), 8k in 31:55, 3 mile cdn
PM: 6-8 miles easy
- 6.6 @ 8:51. This felt remarkably good! My HR was 145-150, but I
just ran a race 6 hours earlier! Total 18.7 for the day.

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