Sunday, March 08, 2009

week of 2 March

Weekly Exercise Routine

Monday – 2-3 sets max push ups

21 first set and 10 second set.  Sad, but this is way better than I could have done before the rock circuit!

Tuesday – core plank


Wednesday – 2-3 sets max body weight step- ups

I think I did the forearm plank on Wed for no apparent reason (forgot which one)

Thursday –  Forearm Plank w/Alternating Leg Lifts

Totally forgot to do step ups

Friday -  2 -3 sets max body weight or light weight one leg squats

completely forgot again

Saturday – 100 reps of abdominal exercises of your choice

Did this 9:30 am after my run.  20 crunches, 20 right oblique crunches, 20 left oblique crunched, 20 reverse crunches, and 20 "bicycles."  Ouch!

Did 2 sets max step ups on Sat night at 6pm to try and make up.

Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week

5 Weeks to goal 10 mile race

MPW 68 (62.2)

Monday, March 2


Tuesday, March 3

8-10 mile total easy run including 5 x 10 sec hill sprints and Everest Hill drills 1 x thru

We went from 60+F on Friday to 8'' of snow on Sunday and 14F on Tuesday morning.  Anyway, it was too icy to run outside. I did 8.0 w/ 5x10 sec hills, but Everest didn't work on the treadmill.  I even tried to throw a jacket on and do Everest in the front yard, but it didn't work when I was calf-deep in snow.

Wednesday, March 4

AM: 10-12 mile total moderate run including 8 strides and 8- 10 x 3 min hills @ 10k effort (not harder)w/ 2 min jog rests. Finish run w/ 3 x 100m cutdowns

Another day on the treadmill.  Got everything done except the cutdowns were scary (that fast on the treadmill) and I cut off the last one.  10.7 total.

PM: 4 mile jog

4.00 at about 9:40 on the treadmill.

Thursday, March 5

5-6 mile jog

Finally outside!  Felt great.  5.02 at 9:17 pace, 133 bpm average.

Friday, March 6

7-8 mile total moderate run including 3 strides then sprint training:

Use the first few sprints as a warm up and always run in control with good form

2 x 15 sec’s w/75 sec rests

1 x 20 sec's w/75 sec rest

1 x 25 sec's

7.9.  Went well.  Effort was moderate.  Sprints went well.  I thought I was faster on the last one.

Saturday, March 7

7-8 mile moderate run including Everest Hill drills

7.3 miles.  HR was about 140 so more on the upper end of easy than moderate.  Hills went well.  It was 65 degrees by the time I finished and got to 71.  It's strange to see residual snow on the ground when it's 70 degrees.

Sunday, March 8

AM: 15-16 mile moderate run including 15 min run down a slight grade hill (try to run down the same grade as Boston) @ marathon effort then 45 min run up a hill @ LT effort

Finish run w/10 strides

I hate doing this run since it means running on the treadmill, but I did it.  Did 7.1 outside and then 8.2 on the treadmill.  The 15 minutes downhill is pretty tough on my runner's knee.  You'd have heard a couple of audible "argh"s if you were there.  I didn't push it so much on the uphill as last time when I only made it 30'.  Today my hr steadily rose to 172 by the end of the 45'.  I did the 10 "strides" on the treadmill which is a bit tricky and maybe not such a good idea.  I punch 9mph and then hit 6 again by the time it gets up to speed, just hoping I don't go shooting off the back.

PM: 4 mile jog

It was *hot* outside -- 70+ degrees.  Combined with the fact that I run terribly in the afternoon, in the heat, and on the second run of the day and it was unpleasant.  Miles were 10:20, 9:40, 9:13, and 9:00.  I think I sped up to get it over with.

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