Sunday, March 29, 2009

week of 23 March

MPW - Only 50.7.

Monday, March 23
-- check
2-3 sets max push ups
-- 30 and 6 again

Tuesday, March 24
5-6 mile easy run
-- went OK. Much better than last Tues (after the 8k)
core plank
-- check

Wednesday, March 25
9-10 mile easy run
-- 9.3 @ 8:31. On the quicker side of easy I guess, but it was Wednesday and I felt pretty good.
2-3 sets max body weight step- ups
-- check. I did 40 and 30 I think.

Thursday, March 26
5-6 mile easy run
-- 5.24 @ 9:06
Forearm Plank w/Alternating Leg Lifts
-- forgot

Friday, March 27
8-10 mile moderate run including Everest Hill drills and 10 x 30 sec
hills @ 3k effort w/jog back rests
-- 9.4 @ 9:06 pace. Did 1x Everest. Felt like doing another for the first time, but I had the hills, so I left it at 1 set. Did 10x30 hills. No clue what 3k effort is but just ran hard and under control.
2 -3 sets max body weight or light weight one leg squats
-- forgot again. Argh. I'm putting "exercise" on my calendar to try and stop this. It's easy for me to remember to run, but I forget about everything else.

Saturday, March 28
7-8 mile easy run including 3 strides then sprint training: 6 x 10 sec's w/60 sec rests
-- 7.0 @ 9:16. I was glad just to get through this. My legs were still sore from Friday
100 reps of abdominal exercises of your choice
-- check (finally remembered!)

Sunday, March 29
12-16 mile total moderate run including 4-6 x 1 mile @ GMP w/1-2 min jog rests then 2-4 x ½ mile @ 10 mile goal pace w/2 min jog rests. Finish run w/3 x 150m cutdowns.

-- I felt oddly stiff when I woke up, especially my calves. I thought I should feel great given the low mileage, but I didn't. It was 50 and "Mist" according to the weather -- like running in a cloud. I thought I'd be cold, but it felt steamy and I regretted my long sleeve shirt pretty quickly. Very strange weather today. The 12-16 scheduled range was a pretty big one. I decided to do 6 x 1 mile and 4x1/2 mile and try to hit 16. Looking at my schedule and seeing the last 20+ miler is 4 weeks from Boston is a little disconcerting and I guess I wanted to pad the mileage even though I know Cherry Blossom next weekend is my goal.

-- Did 5.1 @ 9:03 on the way to the track.
-- Splits were 7:14 (1600), 1:59 (400), 7:12 (1600), 1:58 (400). Then after maybe 200 meters into the next MP interval, my left hamstring started to tighten up and I kept running only to have a small pull after another 200 meters. I actually tried to start up again and realized that was a bad idea. The MP sections were pretty easy. I was hitting 166-167 bpm by the end of each rep.
-- Still determined to get some mileage, I jogged back the long way. 5.2 @ 9:08. My hamstring felt fine at this pace. I kind of slogged my way through though and was glad to be done. Total mileage was 14.44.
-- I did the foam roller later. I'm terrible about this. This is another thing I need to put on my calendar.

Well, one week until Cherry Blossom. I'm sure my hamstring will be
fine. I'm glad I stopped when I did, but 200m earlier would have been

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