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week of 23 February

Below is my schedule in black with my execution in red.

training - week of 2002.02.23

Hill Phase

1-2x this week – Core Plank - Begin face down elbows bent, lift entire body off ground in a pushup position except for hand to elbow touching ground. Hold position for up to 2 minutes. Back should not slouch. Suck in your abdominal muscles. If you start slouching immediately stop!

Forearm Plank w/Alternating Leg Lifts – Same position as above but lift one leg up off the ground approx. 1 1/2 foot or until it is level with your head. Hold for 30 sec, place foot back down and repeat with opposite leg.

I did this Wed and I think Friday but can't remember.

Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week

Once on Sunday. I was traveling for work didn't have a foam roller.

3 Weeks to goal Half Marathon race

MPW 74 (68.9)

Monday, Feb 23 - rest


Tuesday, Feb 24 - 8-10 mile easy run including Everest Hill drills

9.1 including 1 set of Everest hill drills. Single leg hops are tough! I sort of had that efficient feel, but I still had soreness in spots. I definitely wasn't as rested as the previous Tuesday.

Wednesday, Feb 25

AM: 10-12 mile total moderate run including 2 x 3 miles alternating every 400m between GMP and GHMP. 3-5 min jog rests between reps

2.1 warmup to the track. I was planning on 7:20 (55 per 200)/6:48 (51 per 200). It was pretty cold (low 20s I think) and I eased into the miles. The first 3 miles were 7:14, 6:59, and 6:55. Again, the MP was more like 7:10. 800 m rest (4:03). Next three were 7:01, 7:00, and 7:00. The 2x3 miles was not hard at all. I only averaged 170 bpm on the last interval. I think I did some strides on the way back because it always seems like those are tacked on. 10.75 total.

PM: 4 mile easy including 10 min @ LT effort

I flew to Atlanta for work around 2pm and did this from my hotel at 5. This went strangely well. I made a google map and found a 2 mile route from my hotel to a bike path by the Chatahooche river. Turned around and did the 10 min @ LT up a big hill out of the valley. The pace was only about 7:40 but I hit 174 bpm by the time I reached the top of the hill.

Thursday, Feb 26 - 5-6 mile jog

Another out and back to the bike path. I was feeling Wednesday's double and took it very easy. How's this for a jog? 10:33 pace and about 126 bpm average. It was 60+ degrees and very humid. Strange.

Friday, Feb 27

AM: 8 mile moderate run over rolling hills including 10 x 20 sec @ 800m race effort w/ 1 min recoveries

Only did the 10 this time! This was between easy and moderate except for the 10x20''.

PM: 4 mile easy run

Flew back from Atlanta on the noon flight and got a run in about 4pm. 4.15 at 9:17 min/mi. It was 60+ at home, too!

Saturday, Feb 28 - 7-8 mile moderate run including Everest Hill drills

7.1 miles total. This was a legitimate moderate run with the middle miles ~145 bpm and a 150bpm mile 7. I did the Everest Hills in front of a school in full view of a major road. Maybe I can be the crazy hopping guy!

Sunday, March 1

20-22 mile total moderate run including 8-10 x 6 min @ LT effort w/1 min jog rests. Full recovery then 3 x 30 sec’s hills @ mile effort w/full recoveries. Finish run w/10 strides. Run over rolling hills

I did this on my lake trail, so I have the rolling hills covered. I wasn't feeling great and my legs felt heavy. I eased into a 9:00 pace for about 9.5 before I started doing the LT intervals. I have to learn to ignore the paces when I run this trail. It rained and the ground was soft and for some reason I just run slow here. One nice part was there was a race going on that I was in the middle of. Some guy must have thought I was in it because he yells "2nd" as I go by. I made it a game to hold off the leader. I made it a couple of intervals before 6th place passed me and we parted ways. Anyway, the interval pace/avg bpm/max bpm were 7:34/159/171, 7:27/163/173, 7:16/172/178, 7:23/172/175, 7:57/171/176, 7:28/171/176, 7:50/170/174, and 7:47/173/177. The times were slow but the effort was there, I think. I jogged some 10 minute miles and thought my coach a sadist as I contemplated the 3x30'' hills. The hills were actually a relief from the relentless plodding. I jogged another mile and then did the strides, such as they were, on the way back for 20.1 miles total. By far the hardest part of the run was just jogging those miles after the tempo intervals. I actually found it hard just to finish like doing my first 20 miler. Overall only 8:57 pace. Yikes!

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