Sunday, October 05, 2008

week of 29 September

The 10k stuck with me nearly all week. Even on Thursday, my quads felt trashed. By Saturday, that sharp soreness was gone, but I still felt like I was running in molasses and had aches and pains all over. Today's long run was no different. I started over 9 min/mi (hard to tell without my Garmin) and brought it somewhat under by the end (two timed laps on the track were 8:40/mile), but I felt so off, it was hard to tell how fast I was going. I cut it off at 18 miles instead of doing the neighborhood loop to bring it to 21. I planned this exit ramp as I knew I didn't feel well. The shin thing is, thankfully, gone, but has been replaced by the knee thing (this ain't going away) and something on the lateral edge of my right foot. Being a veteran of peroneal tendonitis, I recognized the pain. It's not anything like what kept me out for two weeks a couple of years ago, but I'm going to take it very easy tomorrow (0 - 45 minutes) depending on how it feels when I step out of bed.

Enough whining. Here's the week:

Date Distance (mi) Time Avg. pace (min/mi) Avg. HR
Monday 6.60 1:01:07 9:16 132 (66%)
Tuesday 9.30 1:18:39 8:27 140 (70%)
Wednesday 13.72 2:03:44 9:01 133 (66%)
Thursday 5.86 0:55:06 9:24 132 (66%)
Friday 10.31 1:28:23 8:34 141 (70%)
Saturday 8.30 1:15:54 9:09 135 (68%)
Sunday 18.00 2:43:51 9:06 139 (70%)
This Week 72.09 10:46:44 8:58 137 (68%)
Last Week 59.09 8:22:39 8:30 144 (72%)
This Month 278.72 40:44:19 8:46 143 (71%)
Last Month 299.35 45:24:38 9:06 140 (70%)

I finished off September as well this week and obviously bumped up the intensity. I still kept reasonably close to the same mileage. I also went over 1,000 miles on this pair of Nike Frees. I'm not sure when/if I should get new ones. I don't think these things even have a mid-sole to wear out.

I've been wildly swinging between mileage and intensity the last couple of weeks and need to find the center again (after I get my legs fresh).

One more thing. The weight is coming down. I'd say I'm within a pound of my Frederick weight. Here's a nice graph.

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Mindi said...

I hope that knee improves. I'm not surprised your 10K stuck with you since you logged 70+ miles. Recover up. Some nice training you are logging!